Ever since the inception of Talk Wargaming (which was actually first considered back in 2010 - the blog has sat empty for this long) I've been thinking of ways to connect to other blogs throughout the wargaming blogosphere.

A blog network is of course the best way to acheive this aim. We've been members of the following blog networks for a couple of months now so I decided it's a good time to review them and go over their worth. These are stats pulled from Google Analytics - they do not lie so have a look, think about the aim of joining a blog network (to gain traffic) and judge for yourselves if you think the traffic they refer is worth the backlink you give them.

  • Faeit 212
  • Tale of Painters
  • House of Paincakes
  • The Shellcase Alliance
  • 40kKings

Right then, I think it's time we dive into those blog networks and assess how they are working out for us and also score them.

Faeit 212 - 9 out of 10

I'm unable to give a reliable figure on this blog networks referral stats as Natfka has linked us directly from his posts and grossly inflated the referral traffic. I can however comment on the position of the blogroll they will display your posts in - top right  hand side (above the fold). This site has a ton of traffic and providing you have good titles will return a healthy amount of traffic.

Tale of Painters - 5 out of 10

You sign up, post a one way link on your site to their site, add them to your blogroll and they add your blog to their own blogroll which is way down their page where few people will see. Very one sided. So far they have referred us a total of 111 visitors.

House of Paincakes - 7 out of 10

In a similar vein to ToP you give them an image link, add them to your blogroll and they add your site to one of their blogrolls. Their blogrolls are in a prominant spot at the top right hand side of their pages (above the fold). They have referred 210 visitors to us in two months. A decent figure.



The Shellcase Alliance - 0 out of 10

After looking at their blog and its total lack of traffic I had reservations about joining this blog network from the start. It adopts an identical one sided policy to the previous two. In two months of being online (remembering we update our site around 3 or 4 times per day and should be at the top of their blogroll for quite some time) they have referred us a grand total of 1 (yes you read that correctly) 1!!! Visitor. This Blog Network is about as worthless as a chocolate teapot on Mars. In fact, if you are a member of the Shellcase Alliance you might as well put a photoshopped image of Matt Ward scuttling a goat in its place - that will bring you more traffic.

40kKings 4 out of 10

We joined 40kKings a little after the rest so it was nice to see that they'd sent us a grand total of 51 visitors. Once again they operate in the same fashion as the others, that is you post their image on your site and they add you to their blogroll. Their blogroll is low down on the left of their site.

The BoLS Alliance - N/A

We haven't joined the BoLS Alliance yet and actually doubt we'll be accepted if we were to apply. I ran a blog via the front page of Heresy-Online several years back and had the disappointment of being refused admittance on that occasion despite ticking all of the entry requisite boxes.


Natfka - Lots of visitors (cannot accurately gauge due to backlinks within posts)
House of Paincakes - 210 visitors referrred
Tale of Painters - 111 visitors referred
40kKings - 51 visitors referred (less time)
Shellcase Alliance - 1 visitor (anyone want a nice cup of tea?)

In summary if you run a blog in this niche you should do the following. Join House of Paincakes, join Tale of Painters, join 40kKings, join the BoLS alliance if they don't see you as a "threat" and make some bullshit excuse for refusing you - do not bother with Shellcase Alliance. They are worthless.

Hope this helps!!

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