Welcome to the first ever Talk Wargaming Release Roundup. This is where I'll go through all the new releases from the previous 24 hours - found initially from various sources around the web. Hopefully soon we'll be in a position to receive release information direct.

Release Overview

The release overview will begin with a brief listing of new releases.

Bear with me on this - I'm playing it by ear (fortunately I'm gifted with huge ears and a matching set of monster eyebrows)

  • Vegetable Gardens by Escenografia-Epsilo
  • Pegasus Bridge by Warlord Games
  • Dead Man's Hand Terrain by Great Escape Games
  • Orc Pilot by Kromlech

Submitting Your News

If you have news of releases we've missed or simply want to make us aware of something coming up please give me a shout via email or fill in the contact form at the bottom left of every TWG page.

Releases Categories

The section will be split into several categories.

  • Miniatures
  • Terrain
  • Rules
  • Bases
  • Gaming Aids
  • Miscellaneous


The initial plan is to post an update every morning, that said if there are only a handful of report worthy releases each day I'll switch this out to an update every other day.

Miniature Releases (the "meat" OMNOMNOM)


Kromlech - Orc Pilot

Kromlechs new Orc Pilot is up for order on their eBay page. I can';t pretend I'm impressed, it looks like a teletubby / Tilbury (Essex) resident mashup.


Terrain Releases

Escenografia-Epsilon - Vegetable Gardens

Escenografia-Epsilon have placed their new vegetable gardens up for sale. These are 28mm scale but I can't find the actual measurements, they are however pre-painted and very detailed.

Warlord Games - Pegasus Bridge

Warlord Games have their fantastic Pegasus Bridge terrain set up for order in their webstore. At £175 it does look pricy but when you consider how much you receive

Box Contents:
  • Laser-cut Bridge
  • Laser-cut Cafe Gondres
  • Resin Gun Pit
  • Metal 5cm KwK 39 anti-tank gun and 3 crew
  • Laser-cut Pillbox
  • Metal German MG42 MMG team
  • 2 laser-cut telegraph poles (on the Cafe sheets)
  • 20 plastic German Infantry and plastic bases
  • Major John Howard and plastic base (exclusive new model)
  • 10 man British Airborne squad and plastic bases
  • 2-man PIAT team and plastic bases
  • Scenario booklet
  • Decal sheets for the Paras and Heer
It begins to make total sense.

These massive sets contains everything you need to recreate the daring raid that paved the way for the Allied D-Day invasion. The main boxed set contains all the fundamental features whilst the collector’s edition adds in loads more goodies.

Great Escape Games - Dead Man's Hand Terrain

I only recently came across this fantastic looking game set so it's nice to see them updating regularly. I'm also hoping to have a review of their system up soon.

Loads of new stuff in the store recently, with a new wave of 4Ground/Dead Man’s Hand buildings including these lovely part-constructed ones:
Plenty of additional scenery is available with the 4Ground Yard and Livestock fencing and resin furniture from Frontline Wargaming.
Lastly, we have the Dead Man’s Hand Wagon kit which includes horses, yoke and driver for the 4Ground General Purpose Wagon.
Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details of some more great stuff coming later in the month.


Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...