It seems Forgeworld has decided to drop a few of their Apocalypse Bundles.

Now there is no need to panic, they aren't dropping all of them, and this news is just more to serve as a heads up to their customers than anything. The models themselves won't be going away, just the bundles.The news was broke early this morning on their Facebook page:
On Friday 11th October we will be removing from sale the following Apocalypse Formation Bundles....

Hell Raker Assault Battery

Necron Guardians of the Dead

Skyscythe Slaugher Host

Space Marine Iron Cyclone Dreadnought Drop Strike

Gorgon Assault

Blood Slaughterer Onslaught

Mega Rippa Crew

Hierodule Steelcrusher Swarm

Chaos Warhound Deathstalker Pack

Macharius Armoured Assault Squadron

Chaos Decimator Abomination Squadron

If you would still like to order these bundles, please do so before Friday 11th October

They followed up by saying the following in the comments to the post:

So what does this mean for us exactly? Well, it's safe to say that Forge World is rotating the bundles they're offering by how well they sell, which is a fair practice, particularly when they follow that up by using it as an opportunity to add new bundles in to replace the old ones. Other than that, I'm not really sure.

Hot On The Wire.

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