That's right, the previews are among us so let's take a look!

With 30 images between the Black Library and iTunes page (not to mention the iTunes free preview of the book) there is a lot to cover so let's get too it. Naturally I've got a bit to say so expect some small commentary between images. Feel free to skip them if you just want to ogle the stuff though if you like. So let's start with the Black Library images, starting with this cover on the left. Oh and click the images to zoom in!

Honestly I don't think I'm going to get tired of this image. It's not my background for my iPad and my computer. I think it looks pretty darned good!

A little flavor text never hurts, and this gives us some nice insight into what GW is aiming for tone wise for this release.

While the Canoness is a familiar figure, this is the first time I'm aware of one wearing a habit on a long time. She looks good doing it though and I wouldn't mind seeing this as an alternate head sculpt in the future.
 Once called "Battle Sister with Imagefier" this Sister with Blessed Banner is an example of some of the strengths of the current models. Good clean sculpt, nice detail and some good feeling of movement.
 The Immolator. Once a fan favorite, this Sisters staple was pushed aside by the Rhino when the WD codex came out. I look forward to seeing if the return of small Battle Sister units is enough to make this work again, of if GW missed some marks and kept it mediocre at best.
 The Hospitaller and the Diagolus. One of the best models paired with one of the worst face sculpts in the game. It's going to be interesting to see what happens to them.

Try to not have nightmares about the Diagolus hiding under your bed tonight, okay? She can't hurt you, she's only a model.

This page here starts the iTunes preview (not shown is an image that's in the iPad preview). 

First out of the gate and we're already seeing a little more diversity entering the various Orders. Valorous Heart continues their over-abundance of Repentia, but in a new twist, Argent Shroud seems seems to have gained a fondness for heavilly employing the angelic Seraphim and the veteran Celestians.

If you think Servitors have if bad, Penitent Engines show us that there are even worse fates than death in the Imperium.

I'm really hoping these guys got a significant buff so I can justify building 9 of them at some point.
Already given to use by the cheeky folk over at Games Workshop: Digital Edition's Facebook page, we get to see those Warlord traits once more and wonder "what do they do"?
Ah the Canoness. Still the same hilariously high cost of 65 points (you CSM players may be familiar with that points cost), but with a couple small differences. First she has a new rule called "Matrydom" and can get a 4++ Invulnerable Save for a mere 15 points. 

It's going to be a hard sell for GW to encourage us to get her back on the table but not an impossible one. We just need to see what she has hiding up her sleeves.
 And with this cover we start digging into the iPad Preview. I've included all those lovely images that you can zoom in on as well for anyone who just wants some more art of shots of models for their collection.

Let's just take a moment to admire that cover art some more.

Okay, moving on!
Yes, Celestine is still here. And yes, that is the right sized base for her. 

Yeah, not too much to say there.
The cover page for the "How to use this book" section. Looks pretty good.

Of course like this it looks even better.
 Nothing really new here from older iPad codexes, but it never hurts to include everything
 "The Sisterhood at War". I like the sound of that!
 Some owners of the old Witch Hunters codex may recognize this image. Well it's back! And tinted a bit green?

And just in case you didn't notice before, that building back there is on tracks.

Yes, somewhere in the Imperium the Ecclesiarchy has a church that is a tank. I so want one now.
Ah, Canonesses. I never did know how to pluralize that word before. Good to know.

Honestly not much new here from the WD Codex in terms of fluff but I love that image.

See? It really is just a great image!
 "Sororitas Command Squads" has a picture of with a Repentia. Oops? 

And here it is even bigger! Yup. Definitely a Repentia.

And a Canoness of Argent Shroud it seems with a Battle Sister from Order of Our Martyred Lady. Perhaps this is on Armageddon?
"The Orders Militant". Not a bad name for showing of pictures I think. Sadly none of the ones in the iPad preview copy could zoom or be spun. I was a little disappointed about that.
 Yay! Another nice big group shot!

And unlike others, this one is pretty much identical when zoomed. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a bigger image.
 Before you ask, yes the one on the right is technically wearing the Palatine's backpack.

Not that it matters since we don't have a Palatine anymore.

I hope they keep those backpacks in the eventual plastics update because I want to give all my Superiors the twin flame one.
Ah, the best kind of religious nut: one with a massive hobo beard, shotgun and something on fire!

Also Celestine looks nice as always. I've always liked the studio paint job for her.
My least favorite of the two pilots, but still a mighty fine conversion.

Just don't attempt it with the metal kits we have not, it's not nearly stable enough.
 This is more likely how yours will be posed if you own any. Then the arms fall off despite being pinned. 

No that's not a joke, that happened to mine enough times that I actually want them in Finecast.
You see this beautiful engine of destruction? This is what got me into Sisters as an army.

Beautiful model that suffers from the problems of metal/plastic kits: namely metal shrinks when it cools in the mold so some cutting, pinning and patience is required sometimes to make things "fit".

So there we go, all 30 pages I promised. So how much is this thing going for?

Well if you download the eBook it'll run you 19.99 GBP or $32.99 USD while the iTunes one is 24.99 GBP, I'm estimating about $37.99 USD for the iTunes version based on the price gap for the eBook one. That may be wrong but we won't know until it goes live in the US for pre-order.

The iPad version is 110 pages, the ebooks one will vary depending on the program and device you use to open it. However we saw that the Apoc materials were marked as page 130 earlier in the week so this may not include the other supplementary materials.

Well one things for sure, this release isn't looking too bad yet. There is evidence of points costs adjustments, and rule tweaks, the question remains however: will it help or hurt the Sisters?

Oh and before I go, I recommend scampering on over to the GW page and look at those lovely one-click bundles! And you thought your army was expensive?

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