Games Workshop are really ramping up their Dark Elf release via the launch a new painting competition.

One lucky winner (selected at GWs discretion) each month will have their painting featured on the GW webstore.

What is the competition?

Every month we will give one lucky Hobbyist the chance to have one of their painted miniatures (or squads, or regiments...) immortalised on the Games Workshop website. We will nominate one newly released Citadel miniature (or set of miniatures) for you to paint and set a deadline for you to submit a photo of it to us. We will choose our favourite from all submissions received and add that photo to that model kit's product page on our website where it will stay for as long as that product stays in our range. From that point on, every single person who views that model on our website will see your handiwork! We'll even include your name in the photo, so everyone knows whose painting they're admiring.
Your submission will also be featured in the White Dwarf Daily blog, where we will reveal each month's winner.

This month's miniature:

This month we have chosen the mighty Dark Elves Kharibdyss/War Hydra for you to paint. You can assemble and paint your kit as either model and submit it for judging.

So what are the rules?

Please note that the full legal guidelines for this competition can be found at the end of this article.

Each month we will select a miniature, or set of miniatures, and a deadline for photo submissions. All photographs sent to us by this deadline will be entered into the competition, and we will pick our favourite as that month's winner.

The deadline for this month's competition is 23:59 (GMT) on Sunday 20th October. The winner will be granted eternal glory (and you'll be the envy of your mates).

There are some simple rules to follow:

The miniature must be assembled straight from the box. There can be no conversions, or kit-bashes using components from other kits.
The miniature(s) must be assembled on the base(s) that they are supplied with.
The miniature(s) must be fully painted, including the base.
You must include your name with your submission!

Our choice of 'favourite' is solely at our discretion, and once announced on the website our decision is final.

What picture quality do we expect?

You'll need to email us a photograph of your miniature so that we can judge the eventual winner. To help us do this you will need to do the following:

Send us the highest resolution photo possible.
All miniatures should be photographed on a white background.
Send us the raw, unedited files. You don't need to clip, or do any digital magic to your photographs.

How do I enter?

Simply send your photograph to the following email address:

Title your email "webstore painting competition", so that we know what it's for.

Any thoughts on the "prize"? would you prefer a physical prize or a feature place?

Also the selection process seems really vague so they might be looking for character as oppose to painting prowess.

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