The Games and Gears Paint Rack that Djinn24 mentioned recently is going up for its limited sale tomorrow (4th October).

They only have 1000 of these available so counting our two you have 998 chances to get your hands on it!

The Games & Gears Hobby Gears Paint Rack!!

For £15.00GBP per Hobby Gear Rack!
-61 cm by 15.4cm
-Can hold up to either 96 AV Vallejo Paints, 80 P3 Paints, 80 Badgers Minitaire Paints, 72 GW Citedal Paints.
-Your universal Paint pot rack holder

Sold in 3 packages:
Single Set: £15.00GBP
Twin Set: £30.00GBP (one for you and an festive gift for your friend? or all for you!! :D)
Monster Set (x3): £42.00GBP

Dispatched November 2013.

Limited to 1000 ONLY! Before World wide release Jan 2014.

We think every gamer/painter needs one. With your help and support we can do this and please share this with the world. You are our voice and community. Games & Gears Crews other half's/partners/husbands/wives recommend this too ;P.

More detailed pictures & a video to be shown next week well in advance of launch day. Make sure you pick up a set!!

DA G&G Crew
Ps, Boost the Signal if you can!! Thank you.

Move FAST stay LOW!

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