Something has been mentioned on Heresy-Online that I feel warrants a lot of attention - and what better way of doing it than Hugh Jackman with a pair of bollocks hanging from his neck?

This is big, this is unheard of - now you clever bastards can supplement your income by writing about wargames!

Free plastic crack for rambling about your hobby!!

I'm seeking fresh, enthusiastic and knowledgeable talent to post tutorials and guides here in this forum. This is your chance earn cash, beef up your forces, gain exposure and maybe even add "writer" to your resume cover letter.

If the prospect of submitting a few articles/tutorials here and making a few bucks appeals READ ON!

What We Need

  • 6th Edition 40k Tactics
    By this we mean general 40k articles - not unit overviews, im talking deployment guides, shooting guides, assault guides, mission tips etc. Not "How to use Guardians" - general, all encompassing multi army guides.
  • Hobby Tips
    Painting, conversions, basing guides - anything that people will find valuable. (any without images will be denied.
  • Non GW Articles
    If you have some tactics writeups for non GW systems we want them.

If you have any questions about what we will accept shoot me a Private Message or post a thread in this very forum asking what I'm looking for.

How This Will Work

Simply start a thread in this forum and post/write your article in it.

When you've submitted your work I'll come in, have a little read through then (if needed) I'll offer any editing suggestions in the thread.

When we're both happy with the article I'll make you an offer from $2 to $5 (I know it isn't a fortune but it's better than nothing right?) based on my estimation of the articles quality.

Content Calls

Every so often I'll post a "content" call thread in the forum. This is your opportunity to write based on my topic and get bonus earnings! Instead of $2-5 you'll be guaranteed $6-$8 per article.

How cool is this?

Write about the game you love and earn some extra money to spend on the game you love...

So next time you're about to "submit" that article on your "other" wargaming hangout - have a little think about what you'd prefer - 10 articles posted there or 10 articles and $50 in your pocket here.


So whats the wait? Get over there, get some writing done and grab another HQ choice!

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

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