So it looks like the surprises haven't stopped...

For anyone who is already sick of me posting Sisters stuff, I'm sorry. I just got the new codex yesterday and I'm pretty darned excited. I'll try and give you something else later in the week that takes a break from all this Sisters stuff for at least a little bit.

That said I was digging through the iPad version of the codex and there are three things worth noting in the Glossary (they may not be in the eBook version due to the eBook version getting a update the iPad one did not and I apologize, I will not be posting pictures of them because I like to stay unsued thank you).

To keep this simple, I'm going to post each item in nice big and green letters and then put what I'm thinking about it below.

Armor of Faith

This armor is listed only in the Glossary and is said to give a 2+ Armour Save and a 4+ Invulnerable Save. It has one index link as well that redirects you to the Canoness page. The question then becomes is it lost wargear, or perhaps an option she was meant to have they stripped away for the future codex? I'm not sure, but having seen that I really wish it was there as it'd give the Canoness a lot more use on the table.


Yes, for some reason the Artillery rule can be found hiding in the Glossary despite their being no weapons with this rule in the book. A peek at something to come, or a rule that was going to be used for something but was taken out? Either way it doesn't have an index link so any guess is as good as mine.

Ecclesiarchy Relics

Yes, these relics are still a mixed bag, but there is something interesting about the list of them in the Glossary: the Mace of Valaan is not among them. This only further reinforces the idea that it's inclusion in the list is only to provide players who own a Kyrinov model the ability to continue to use him while and why the Arch-Confessor's fluff is now a small sidebar on Jacobus' page. Curiously the Mace does not replace a weapon at this time so you can easily take a bolter, bolt pistol and the mace on a Priest if you like for now. Needless to say this feels very rushed as if they didn't have a lot of time to react to the model going out of production.

So there we go, three small things from the Glossary. Signs of things deeper to come, or just errors left over from something else? I'll let you decide.

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