Rodeo Games have at last shed some light on their upcoming Warhammer Quest DLC. The Brutal Tribe is set south of the main games locale and as yet there hasn't been news regarding the creatures you'll encounter in that region other than Stone Trolls. 

This new release (like many other games) raises the upper level cap to 8 and brings with it a new wonderfully drawn tile set.

 Excited yet? Ok, maybe the revelation that three new heroes are being rolled out will do the trick?

The Bright Wizard, High Elf Shadow Warrior and Ogre Irongut.

 Bright Wizard Gameplay Mechanics - High damage over time spells.

 High Elf Shadow Warrior Gameplay Mechanics - Can move after he has attacked and use a "smokescreen" ability to disappear.

Ogre Iron Gut Gameplay Mechanics - Acts like a tank with the ability to "taunt" focus and crowd control.

Rodeo Games are also throwing a heap of new gear into the mix to spice things up for the heroes you're accustomed to.

Right, that's all for now I'll just go and smash my head off the wall repeatedly until they make an Android version.

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