Welcome to another This week on Kickstarter folks. We've got lots of exciting projects to look at this week!

To kick off we have the  UAMC Hardsuit project from Defiance games. These guys were trying to raise $2,500 (which they've already smashed) to tool their new hardsuit. 

They're currently sitting on over $8,500 and have recently unlocked the German mech variant.  

There's still more than 2 weeks to go on this campaign so hopefully we'll see a lot more mech goodness over the coming weeks. 

Next up we have Golem Arcana from Harebrained Schemes. This project is after $500,000 for their initial goal. A lofty target, to be sure; but one that should be met. They've already raised nearly $200,000 with over 3 weeks to go. The premise of the game is integration between miniature and video gaming. Using RFI and bluetooth, each model has it's stat, attacks and special rules programmed into its base. Your tablet device then serves as both the rulebook and the referee.

It's certainly an interesting concept, and builds on what Ex Illis tried to start years ago. It's ready out of the box, with pre-painted minis and not having to always look up rules in a thick book will be attractive to many.

Anarchy Models' Stencil campaign that we featured earlier in the week is going from strength to strength. They're nearly at £9,000, over £7,500 more than their initial goal, and have just unlocked a bunch of new stencils such as the mini shattered style shown below:

This system is great for people who use airbrushes, and means painting things like tanks to a high standard is that much easier.

Antimatter Games, the guys behind Deep Wars, have taken to Kickstarter to fund their new game, ShadowSea

The sculpts shown so far are all nicely detailed and really dynamic. They have raised over $13,000 at the time of writing and need $20,000 in total, but with 40 days to go, they're sure to smash their goal. 

Our last new campaign this time around is something a little different. Pewter Ponies are looking for £3,000 to fund a line of white metal pony sculpts. There's certainly something magical about this equestrian friends. 

While they're not my cup of tea, I know a fair few gamers who will be all fluttershy by the opportunity to own some dashing, sparkly, ponies.

To round off we'll catch up with some of the previous campaigns we've looked at:

ClockWork Towers and Obelisks by Wargamer Girl has 4 days remaining and they've raised over £10,000.
Dino Wars by James Murrell is sitting at £1,600 of his £15,000 goal with 15 days to go.
The Imperial Halfling Fantasy Football Team by Willy Miniatures achieved their funding last week and finished the campaign with just over their 5,000 Euro goal.
Dies Irae has a little over a week left to go and have currently raised nearly 12,000 Euros. 
The 3D Virtual Tabletop by Brendon Duncan finished yesterday, having raised more than $56,000 towards their exciting new app.

Are there any new kickstarters that you guys are backing/thinking of backing? What are you most excited to see?

As always, let us know before. And as always, if you know of a campaign that should be featured, get in touch via the contact form below.

Alternatively you can let us know via Facebook, or you can tweet @talkwargaming, or myself @imm0rtalreaper

Until next time, happy wargaming!


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