Hey there guys, time for another look at the latest in miniature kickstarters. This week we have some really cool campaigns to show you. So let's dive in!

First up is Ashes: Dark Side of The Moon by Alexander Li. This is a wargame/boardgame that uses a hexgrid board and laser cut, card miniatures. The miniatures themselves, mostly futuristic tanks and walkers, look pretty cool, but with a £25 shipping cost outside China, it's a little bit steep. The main pledge level (the boxed game) is £100, so for most, it will be £125 because of shipping. 

Next up, Clockwork Tower and Obelisks by WarGamer girl. This project has beaten its goal of $3,000 and is currently sitting on $10,000+. The terrain pieces look really nice and would work well in a steampunk setting (such as Wild West Exodus). There have been no updates since the project broke it's target goal and it's currently unknown if there will be stretch goals.

Next we have Dino Wars, by James Murrell. In this game you take control of gun wielding dinosaurs fighting for control of the battlefield. Seems like a fun concept and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for updates and more images of sculpts etc.

Willy Miniatures' Imperial Halfling Fantasy Football Team are up next. Their indiegogo is currently sat at 2,100/5,000 Euros with just over a week left.

Tercio Creativo have taken to Indiegogo to fund Dies Irae, an expansion to their existing line, 1650. They've broken their 6,000 Euro goal with over 20 days left to go and will be unlocking more miniatures as stretch goals as time goes on. 

Our last new Kickstarter this week is 3D Virtual Tabletop by Brendon Duncan. This piece of software will allow you to create/import virtual dungeons for your favourite roleplaying games and import stands to represent the miniatures. You will also be able to like you games so you can have several people play across the internet (which should really improve games of DnD over skype.)

They've already broken their target goal and are hunting the stretch goals at the moment, which include a bunch of new features like new maps and miniatures.

To finish off, we'll just take a look at what's been going on in some of the other Kickstarters we've already covered:

Wrath of Kings has passed $344,000 with 8 days to go.
ArcWorld's campaign ended last Sunday, raising £57,019 in total.
Pure Evil's QU-SH-UG has 4 days remaining and they are currently sitting on £3,800.
Creative Gamescape's Spaceship X has 30 hours left at the time of writing and has raised over $11,000

So there you have it guys. As ever, drop a comment if you've seen anything you like the look of or are currently backing one of the projects we've looked at

If you want to let us know about a campaign you know of/run, either drop a comment below, use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Or you can email us at  talkwargaming@live.com.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy gaming!


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