Continuing where we left off in August, this September has been a month of building readership and reaching out socially.

As this is the second ever Stats post I've been pondering ways to present the info from previous months and decided a simple link system like the one below is sufficient.

August - September

Also, when looking at these stats try to remember talkwargaming was launched around August 10th 2013. It is a new site - have some perspective. :)

Right, moving swiftly on. September has been a hugely successful month for TWG, not purely from a Stats perspective but also my personal MAB/Collaborative Blog perspective. One thing I've learned is pacing posts, it's so very easy to be dragged into the race and rush to post up every "news worthy" piece of information you find. This of course doesn't pay off in the long term as evidenced by the fact my most successful posts have come from sitting back and thinking of ways to appeal. Link Baiting is a big thing in any blogging field so a comedy image here and there helps massively. My recent "Troll Hag Playboy Mashup" is our most successful ever non rumors post. People love a quick chuckle and I think this (and dancing robots) shows any boring (or should I say "over reported") topic can be turned into traffic dynamite with a simple 2 minute amateur photoshop mockup. Now it's time for my first ever blogging tip - I'll drop them into these posts whenever I discover them.

Lee's Bloggin' Tip No.1 - Funny Images Are Amazing

- A funny image will be shared and dramatically increase your reach.


Social Networking Stats


Moving on to social media I've formulated a Twitter system that has seen us gain around 700 "legitimate" followers this month and should continue to grow at that rate for the foreseeable future. I also checked other sites in our niche for fake and inactive users to see how we stack up and I'm pleased with the results.

Talk Wargaming Fake=1% Inactive=11% Good=88%
Bell of Lost Souls Fake=10% Inactive=29% Good=69%
Beasts of War Fake=14% Inactive=30% Good=56%
Pins of War Fake=4% Inactive=18% Good=79%

As you can see by the stats above - our twitter system is second to none. Zweischied from Pins of War is of course well on the ball, anything that man does is worth evaluating and incorporating into your own blog. He knows his shit.

Twitter Followers - 1240

On the subject of Twitter if you aren't following us at the moment why not? Fix it below.



Facebook on the other hand is lacking, I've been awarded a cumulative total of 3 weeks "friending ban" in the past 8 weeks. I've since decided to stop adding random people before the account is permanently deleted!

Of course, you are welcome to add me. I want to know whats happening in your gaming life and I'll repost anything I come across that's deemed interesting by the average wargamer.

Click HERE! I will accept any and all friend requests.

Facebook likes hasn't been anywhere near as impressive as Twitter, from 480 of last month we managed to climb to 700 this month. Once again, if you aren't part of our facebook group please like us and enjoy some additional news stuff I discover whilst out and about.

Facebook Likes - 700

New Writers (apologies for making a stat out of you guys)

I'm pleased to welcome all of the writers that joined the Talk Wargaming "stable" this month. Aceldamor and RJSZero have swelled the ranks and brought some much needed swag to help tilt the scales away from baggy BEWBS and back into the reaches of sanity. Aceldamor opened his account with a superb entry level Guide To Airbrushing whilst RJSZero steamed into his awesome Marine Chapter Tactics piece. It's a pleasure to have you with us. Bayonet joined at the very beginning of September and between patching up sucking chest wounds, reattaching dismembered limbs and shooting insurgents our action hero War Medic has posted several great articles. Check them out here. I'm also excited to point out that our AWOL cartoonist has returned so you can expect to see this new trio up on the creepy blinkers column soon.

Anyone else that is interested to enter the fray and become a TWG writer please check out the "join us" page and don't hesitate to get in touch.

Now its time for the STATS OVERLOAD 

Busiest Posts

Total Page Views By Post Title






Unique Visitors - 20,342

Page Views - 57,604


The comments have begun to filter through with a lot of new posters that hadn't previously commented before. I love nothing more than seeing new faces come onto the site and join in the discussions. It really does make all the efforts worthwhile so if you're reading and haven't shared your thoughts on a post take the plunge and make it happen in October.

Referring Sites 

Reddit has stomped the rest for referred visits this month. It really is a fantastic resource both for people wishing to get their content seen and users who prefer to visit one location for all of their daily news. Despite falling out with the staff on /r/warhammer I think we can mutually benefit one another far into the future.

I have no idea what Vampirestat is - it's some kind of weird stat site that seems to be bombarding us with bots.

The final stat on this page is one that I'm really excited about - our google presence is finally starting to bed in with a few hundred visitors from the search engine. This is great as it can only increase as we post more and more content.

Twitter is on the chart so that justifies my 30 minute per day promotion routine on that site.











Demographically speaking the site hasn't changed a great deal, I think this pattern could continue for the foreseeable future.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Page Views By Country


Chrome are still leading the voyeur stakes with a hefty chunk of our visitors opting for it ahead of second place Firefox.

Image displaying most popular browsers




Operating Systems

Image displaying most popular platforms


Comparisons with August

This new section here is probably the most intriguing of the stats series as it's where I'll be making comparisons between this month and the previous month. For the "web savvy" it'll be nice to hear my observations and maybe relate them to your own sites. For the uninitiated or otherwise disinterested I've placed a picture of these dancing penguins. Aren't they fantastic?

So, the one and only stat that we failed to improve on from August was Unique Visitors. We had around 3000 less people on the site in September than August.

"What? So the site was busier last month than this month? That is bad"

Well, partially you're right, any decrease in unique visitors is a little disappointing. That said, the sites bounce rate last month was 78.25% which is higher than the 72.37% of this month. On top of that, the average viewer read 1.67 pages this month a full 0.19 increase on last months 1.48. It seems people are staying on the site an extra 15 seconds as well. I know this sounds minimal but as an average over 20,342 people it is a massive increase - think 15 seconds times 20,342 that's a lot of time (5 hours). So despite losing 3000 visitors (remembering August is a day longer) we actually gained readership. This is good and I'm far happier with the stats of this month than last as a whole.

Comparison In brief.

From the chart above, visits is marginally down, unique visitors is down, pageviews is up, pages viewed per visitor is up, visit duration is up, bounce rate is down and % of new visitors is down. We also have to factor in the extra day in August which would of balanced the lacking stats and seen the better September stats grow further apart.

These stats all point towards building a steady readership and for that we have YOU to thank.

Also, from the August stats you'll see it was quiet until a massive boom, that was towards the end of the month with the Space Marine stuff - I think that gave us a healthy boost but has to be taken for what it is - a rare anomoly. September you'll notice has been a much more balanced month, this is good.

Moving Forward

OK here's a brief list bullet points for me to focus on going forward into October:-

  • Build Facebook Page
  • Tighten Up Post Titles
  • More Tactical Content
  • More Opinionated Content 
  • More non GW content 
  • Bring More Writers Onboard
  • Parodies are GOOD for Traffic Do More
  • Improve bounce rate further by incorporating more interlinking of posts
  • Get PISSED - it's my BIRTHDAY! :D
Hope you enjoyed the "insiders view" on the growth of Talk Wargaming and if you run a website/blog and wish to know how I'm running my Twitter program shoot me an email and we'll sort something out.

Closing thought:-

Dancing like a PENGUIN is actually FUN!!

Hot On The Wire.

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