Hello wargamers. time for another product review for you all. This time, we are taking a look at some of the laser cut MDF terrain from Systema Gaming Scenery. We're going to look at the Base-O HQ Unit, the Level 1 Walkways and the new Laser Fences.

When I opened the package the first thing I noticed was how "solid" these pieces feel. There's a really weight to them and I feel confident putting them on the table for regular gaming and knowing they can take it.

Level 1 Walkway Set

The first one we're going to look at is the level 1 walkway set:


The walkway itself doesn't have a huge amount of character, but then again, how much character can a raised walkway really have? The cut details on the walkway itself and the stairs are coherent with the rest of the Base-O line, as well as the hand rails being the same. This ties the pieces together and improves the overall character of the set, making them look like their from the same world.

However, the lack of distinctive character isn't necessarily a bad thing. These are, after all, designed to be generic sci-fi pieces, used in any setting, and adding things like skulls (for a 40k example) limits its uses somewhat. 

Character gets a 7/10


Similar to character, the detail on the kit is subtle and fairly generic. But again, that serves its purpose as a piece to be used in any system. My only really gripe with the details of this kit come from the stairs, or more specifically the height difference between them. When you place a model on the stairs, even with a base, the next step comes well above their knee.

Now, I appreciate that is in part, a side effect of the heroic nature of miniatures. If the stairs were properly to scale there would be 20 of them instead of 5. It just stuck out to me quite a lot.

Detail gets a 7/10 


The quality of the kit is top notch. Everything is cut out cleanly. The tabs left uncut to hold the pieces are small enough to cut through with a craft knife with ease. Everything is precise and fits together great. You could probably get away with not glueing the kit. In fact, if you leave the hand rails on the walkway sections unglued it means you can rearrange them to suit your gaming needs, a big plus!

Quality on this kit gets a 10/10


Value and Service

The folks over at Systema Gaming are great. They were really helpful and said I could just give them a shout if I had any difficulties in assembly. The instructions can be found on their website and are easy enough to follow! The package reached me quickly and was well protected and it was an all-round pleasant experience.

The walkways cost 16 euros, which is about £13.50, and for what you're getting, I think that's a pretty great price. Walkways add a lot in terms of verticality and options in game like infinity, so being able to pick up a set at that price is great.

Value and Service get a 10/10

So, all together, the walkway gets an 8.5/10

Laser Fence

Next up, we'll take a look at the new laser fence kit.


I think this is one of the most characterful pieces of terrain that Systema do. It can be used as defensive walls, energy gates for larger wall sections, you could even use it for doors in a space hulk type setting. It's a really versatile piece of kit.

Character gets 10/10


I am really impressed by the detail on this kit. The MDF base which holds the clear acrylic is great looking, and it's designed so all the sections slot together to form a continuous wall, or you can use one of the many corner pieces to create unique layouts.

The acrylic pieces themselves are precisely cut and include several etched lines to give them some detail. I'd really love to see a variant with hexagons etched on the acrylic, that would look excellent in infinity! 

Detail gets a 10/10


Like the walkways, the quality of this kit is top notch. Everything is cut and etched precisely and it all fits together brilliantly.

Quality gets a 10/10

Value and Service

This kit comes in at 30 euros, which is about £25. This is quite expensive. I understand that you're paying for the additional acrylic pieces, and the kit itself is fantastic, but I'm not to sure I'd pay £25 for the kit when I can pick up one of the Base-O HQ buildings for less than that. It's a really great kit, and it is worth the money, but for a wargamer on a budget trying to fill out their table, you'd be better off with the HQ building. The service was obviously, still fantastic.

Value and Service gets an 8/10

So, overall the laser fence kit gets 9.5/10. 

Base-O HQ Unit

Last, but by no means least, we have the Base-O HQ Unit. 


When I first saw pictures of this kit it largely passed me by. I thought it looked cool, but wasn't too impressed. But when I cracked open the packaging and got my eyes on it in person, oh how my opinion changed. This kit is filled with a lot more character than the pictures suggest. The floors and handrails tie it visually to other parts of the range, reinforcing the coherent image of a prefab base. The window shutters and doors are distinctly sci-fi without being over the top and in your face. It's a futuristic building that is grounded in reality and believability.

Character gets a 10/10

I could easily have left the building without any glue during assembly. 


The details on this kit are fantastic. The interior has walls which split it into several rooms, great for skirmish games. The outer walls are etched with a very "high" sci-fi look. Something else I like is how the base plate has the same design as the walkways and the handrails are the same. This reinforces the idea that these are prefab bases dropped down and quickly built to purpose.

Detail gets a 10/10


Just like the other kits, this is top quality. system has done a really great job of making the pieces fit together nicely and have a sense of strength to them. 

The laser fence is ideally sized to fit on top. A little conversion could turn it into a billboard! 

Quality gets 10/10

Value and Service

The service, as before, was top notch. Value wise, this kit comes in at 28 euros (about £23.50) which, for the amount of terrain your getting, I think is a fantastic price. Because of the design, you are effectively getting two buildings in this kit, as the small section can be placed independently. This means you're getting an impressively large footprint for your money. It's a nice big line of sight blocking piece that you can place miniatures in too.  

Value and Service for the HQ Unit is getting a 10/10 from me.

Meaning the overall score for this piece is 10/10. It really is one of the nicest laser cut terrain kits I've seen in a while. 

So there you have it folks. Systema Gaming are one to watch if you're in the market for laser cut terrain for your favourite sci-fi game.

Happy Wargaming


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