Hi guys, today I'm like a dog with two dicks.

Why you ask?

Read after the break and I'll tell you.

I got a paintier 80!! 

The Bit Before The Paintier 80 Review

Today my Paintier 80 Carrousel Organizer arrived from the United States, and I might have danced a little on the doorstep - to the bemusement of the delivery bloke.

Before I go into detail about how I tore it open and constructed it like a "special" kid with his first meccano set I want to share a picture.

This"customs charge" of £21.45 is called Karma, it's what happens when you make fun of "special" kids...

I rushed in and slammed it on the table on top of my "custom carrousel". A feat of ingenuity this construct is a wooden carrousel with a cheese cutter box stuck on top and a protein shake lid stuck on top of that. 3 levels. Job done.

The mess I'm showing you below would soon be fixed. Movement was detected, not "Megan Fox fixing a car engine" movement but movement nonetheless.

The Actual Paintier 80 Review

What You Get

I can tell you now that when you first pick up the box you know you're holding a product worth its salt. This thing is very heavy.

Yes my curiosity got the better of me and I weighed it on the worlds cleanest scales.

2 kilograms - which becomes clearer when you get your hands on the four rotary trays. For all intents and purposes, its a glorified cup cake stand, each section looks kind of like the egg holders in a refrigerator. Running centrally are two threaded bars to hold it all together and plastic sleeves which act as props for the next level.  The base unit has a smooth "spinny thing" with ball bearings. It is Quality.

Assembling the Paintier 80

The assembly stage of the operation is very simple and presuming you don't wear a permanent cycling helmet and fall over a lot it takes no longer than five minutes.  You have several different build options as depicted below. These give you a choice of heights between the sections for different sized bottles.

 The dividing tubes used to change the height settings.

Despite having small GW bottles I opted for the spacious variety and used all the widest settings on all levels. You can store paints behind the designated slots so it makes sense to have a big wide space to get your hands in for a good rummage.

The Price - $50

What can I say about the price? Well, assuming delivery costs are reasonable and customs keep their grubby hands out of your box I'd say $50 is about right for this product. Whether that is in your budget or not I cannot say but I think it's worth that all day long. The build quality far exceeds whats I was expecting. Not only is it built well it also serves its purpose very well. My workspace went from the aforementioned shitty mess to a gleaming tidy happy place. Can you put value on *not* having to look for that elusive Evil Sunz Scarlet?

Only you can judge the value in that but I personally think having a permanent residence for every paint in your collection is worth far more than $50.

Overall I'm going to give this product a 10 out of 10.


"What? Are you insane?"

"Nothing is worth a ten"

Well sorry but this is - it has every purpose it was built for perfected.

Re-home your paint.

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