Outlaw Miniatures have previewed the next set of miniatures from their Wild West Exodus Kickstarter.

This time it's two of the backer created models, available at the higher pledge levels.

They're looking nicely details and the sculpts look like they should translate into great finished minis. Quite a few of the minis in the range have the relaxed, at ease pose of the first guy, but for steam punk cowboys, I think it works!

If you haven't been following the KS progress, or this is the first you're hearing about WWX, check these out:

This last guy, Doc Holliday, is one of my favourite minis in the range. The detail crammed into this guy is amazing!

I'll definitely be picking up some of these when they hit retail, I'm still gutted I couldn't afford to get involved in the KS (too many awesome minis, so little time)

So what do you think folks? Did you get involved in the WWX KS? Let us know what goodies you've got coming your way in the comments.

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