The new 8 pages Kill Team rules pack is up on the Warhammer World site as part of the upcoming Kill Team: Operation Maximus event this December.

Have you ever wanted to relive the cinematic moments of Warhammer 40,000 where a small squad of specially chosen warriors are hand-picked to complete a vital mission? Kill Team allows you to tell the stories of war that take place away from the deafening big guns and massed troops of the war-torn battlefields of Warhammer 40,000. Operating behind enemy lines, your Kill Team must seek out and claim vital objectives and clear enemy troops from them.
Venue: Warhammer World,
Age Limit: 12 years and upwards (12-15 must have a responsible adult available in the event of an emergency)
Tickets, when available: From here.
EventDateTickets On Sale
Kill Team: Operation MaximusDecember 14th04/09/2013

Using just a 200 point force, chosen using a special Force Organisation Chart, and using the scenario taken from the Battle Missions book, Kill Team lets you personalise your force, naming every warrior, converting specialists and watching the progress of your leader as he gains experience. It's a truly unique hobby experience that is not to be missed.
Over the day you'll get to take part in eight great Kill Team battles against like minded folks. You also get hot lunch with dessert, served in our restaurant, to keep you going during the day and access to all of Warhammer World's displays and services. There are also a myriad of awards available for different achievements throughout the day, so no matter what aspect of the Games Workshop hobby interests you the most, there's something for you!
Interested? Check out the event pack and update below for full details and be quick to get tickets - they always sell out fast.
Event Pack: This is the new pack from September 2013!
Kill Team Rules Pack 2013.4.pdf (10.1 MB)

Any stand out changes you agree or disagree with?

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