Today I received a message from my contact over at Games and Gears for a product initially planned for next year, their paint storage rack. But due to their incredibly successful initial release of their Masters Series brushes, selling nearly their entire stock of 1500 sets in four days, they are now able to push forward with limited pre-orders starting in October. 

 They said

Games & Gears Hobby Gears Paint Rack

We where planning to launch this in late 2014. However with the amazing success in the past 4 days and the monies raised through your awesome support by purchasing Games & Gears products on our website. You have accelerated the speed to which we can bring products to market.

The Games & Gears Hobby Gears Paint Rack, Is designed to go on any hobby desk or any desk at that! It doesn't take a lot of space and is in tune to the dimensions of the paint pots it can hold. This picture is a prototype and can hold: 96 AV Vallejo Paint, 80 P3 Paints and 72 GW paints.

Initially it will be sold in 3 packages:

Hobby Gears Paint Rack Single Set: x1 Hobby Gears Paint Rack

Hobby Gears Paint Rack Twin Set: x2 Hobby Gears Paint Rack (We suggest you have one horizontal and the other vertical on your desk).

Hobby Gears Paint Rack Monster set: x3 Hobby Gears Paint rack. If you put one horizontal like in the picture and the other two next to it vertically you create also a painting/hobby space in the middle of 24" inches by 18" inches!!

Games & Gears Hobby Gears Paint Rack is a stand alone product but also part of the upcoming Games & Gears Paint Station. You do not need the Games & Gears Paint Station to use the Hobby Gears paint rack.

The exact release date and price have yet to be announced but knowing G&G it's going to be a great product at an affordable price.
It's able to hold 96 Vallejo and Reaper dropper style bottles, 80 P3 and Coat d'Arms round pots, and 80 Games Workshop style pots. Now the size isn't listed but I am going to guess is approximately 24 x 6 inches (60 x 15 cm). They will initially be sold in three packages, containing either 1, 2, or 3 paint storage racks. 

Now keep in mind this is a limited pre-order, so if you want one of these keep an eye out and check back frequently as I am sure they will sell out quickly! 

Hot On The Wire.

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