I just saw these over on Dakka and had to share. Before I continue though, and before all you fanboys start jumping on the GW Legal Bandwagon I am aware. I've been spanked by them personally in the past and concur - these are a little too far into the danger zone to be considered a long term business.
Besides, I think they covered that with the name.

Greyed Out Dice Bags.

Maybe they should have a slogan.

Greyed Out Dice Bags - Grab One Before GW legal Pimp Slaps Us

Or be called "Grab and Run Dice Bags"

Lets forget the legal bullshit for a second, its irrelevant to me as an individual. All I care about is quality - and these seem to have it in abundance. Even the description gave me a boner. "Buttery soft feel that appeals to the senses" Ooer!
 Have a read through the companies description and pay a visit to their Facebook for a glimpse of newer stuff.
Greyed Out creates quality handmade suede dice bags, made for gamers by a gamer. I have been a tabletop gamer since my first introduction to games like Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40,000 in high school during the late 90's. A few years ago I got tired of my old mass-produced dice bag, and decided to sew my own. The dice bags you see in my Etsy shop are the result of several year's trial and error to find the perfect pattern.
I have a degree in costume design, so quality fabric really appeals to me. On the advice of a game store owner, I looked for suede to use in sewing my dice bags, and have fallen in love with the fabric. I use microsuede, which has a buttery soft feel to it that really appeals to the senses. I feel that it's this attention to detail and touch that sets Greyed Out dice bags apart from other offerings on the market. I make each dice bag myself, so quality is assured.
In addition to the suede dice bags, I also offer various fabric prints; the dice bags sewn from these are reversible.
I use a two drawstring system for my bags, which I feel offers a tight and secure closure to keep your dice safe and sound. 

They look well built, they have snazzy GW iconography and the insane price tag backs up the quality!!
The question we need to ask ourselves is - why buy this Armani Bag for your ungrateful moody cow when instead you could buy 36 Dice Bags?

I'll leave a few images of the better ones  here.

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