So the last week I've decided to start "painting" seriously. For years I've just slapped paint on with the bare minimum necessary to qualify for tournaments. I've now learned the error of my ways and decided to embrace the other side of the hobby - painting.

Now don't expect miracles, this is the first figure I've ever painted beyond an undercoat and basecoat. Mistakes were made, mistakes are good for me I think. Well, as long as I understand and you guys make me aware of the mistakes. Any and all criticism will be received with a smile and thankyou sir.

So here it is with a plasticard IronJaw the guys over on Dakka helped me out with.

Some points I need to focus on for the next run of 10 boyz.

  •  An extra layer of warboss green. It's chalky and the coverage isn't perfect.
  • Less depth to the skin shadows - this should be remedied by the fix above.
  • Less shade! I actually caked it on too much and ended up with shiny shading between the trouser folds.
  • Tidy up the fine lines. They are uneven and too thick.
  • Darker on the shirt. I want the shirt a shade darker.
  • Drill out the barrel. Easy fix, I have a dremmel. 
  • Get RID of the yellow. It looks awful, so it'll be phased out for more metal or bone color.

Now I have a question on Glazes. Many of the colors come with glazes, red, yellow, green, blue.

Whats the deal with black? Is it a case of really watered down black over the top to bring the highlights together? Or do I use some other method to *hide* my amateur paintwork.

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