I saw this last week and figured I'd share it with you guys.  For years now my paints have sat in an old box and randomly spread out across my shelves whenever I bought new ones; this of course isn't the ideal storage solution. So last week whilst out (on a non wargaming related visit) I stumbled upon some wire mesh drawers that struck a note in my brain.
I went home, fetched a couple of GW paint pots and headed back to the store to test it out. Fortunately it was a perfect match - perfect in the sense that if it was marketed as a GW paint holder you would believe it.

The one I saw was silver-colored so I had a look around the internet intent on finding something other than silver. To my merriment I discovered the item is manufactured by a company called Osco and is also available in black.

 Yesterday I was very happy when it arrived through my door from Amazon. The pictures above are how it looks today.

As you can see it holds a lot of paint, at an estimation I'd say 70 pots per draw is the upper limit so unless you inhale paint regularly this will keep your brushes in action for a very long time. If you want to find one type "osco mesh paper drawers" as the google search term. It's built well and is very cheap - only £15 for 210 paints a worthy investment. Whether you can find this exact model or not is besides the point (thinking of US based readers), it's a good option and I'm sure there are similar items available. For example here are a set of 5 drawers once again from Osco.

by Svartmetall

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