This morning I had the privilege of being invited along to Mantic HQ where I met James, Chris and the rest of the team. It was such a delight I now feel obligated to post about my experiences and also draw your attention to their upcoming Mars Attacks Kickstarter.

First and foremost lets talk about the tea.

DO NOT ACCEPT TEA AT MANTIC HQ - you have been warned.

Now the only negative is out of the way we can continue. Next up was a tour of the warehouse, we walked up a bit, left a bit then I stopped to admire the workforce in full flow. Seeing a workforce so clearly invested in their product is a rare thing, you don't get happy smiley faces on a plumbing parts picking floor. Trust me on that, I've picked more straight tap connectors than you've had cups of minging tea.

At the far side of the warehouse I played with some recently cast "warm" models before I saw *it* - like the juiciest cherry atop the most tantalizing chocolate cake - a pot of gleaming molten metal fully 400 degrees of terminator killing nastiness. Shit just got serious.

"Don't look at the pot!"

"I can't help it, it's sooo beautiful"

You ever get that feeling where you think "What if?... What if I grabbed the caster by his throat and dunked him in?  What if I whipped out my sack for the worlds most daring teabagging?


Neither do I.

The rest of the tour continued uneventfully until finally we stopped at the Mantic Miniature Hall.
Seeing the full range on display was an impressive sight, I'm sure you've heard the GW fanboys bitching about Mantic, spouting off about their uncanny ability to "borrow" aspects of GW IP. Well I now call bullshit on that and so should you - officially. The last remaining reservations I had have been washed away - the Mantic range is very much its own beast these days, the figures (as a collective whole) look fantastic and even up close the miniature painters have done such an amazing job. You seen the Mars Attacks human in the Hawaiian shirt? (I can't find a picture of him so I'm wondering if that particular figure hasn't been displayed online yet?) He is mindblowing, there should be a law against painting that intricately, lets ship these people off to Mutant Academy with the rest of the super-humans. Even the Mantic rules are superb, simplistic enough to appeal to everyone but stacked with layer upon layer of strategic options. Bringing in the creative talents of Alessio Cavatore and  more recently Jake Thornton means one thing - Mantic are a big player on the scene and undoubtedly one to watch moving forward.

We then talked for a while before stripping to our undercrackers and dancing to Wham! in the parking lot. (quite possibly a fabrication)

Right, keep your eyes firmly lodged on their new page, sign up for their email list and get set for the gruesome gorefest that is Mars Attacks.

Thanks for reading guys!

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