This is a product I can see heaps of potential in.

They have plenty of designs and plan to add more if the funding is higher than they expect.

A great range of stencils to add camo, detailing, symbols and words to your miniatures, scenery, car, bike or whatever you like.

Hey everyone :-) welcome to our kickstarter!
I have been using stencils similar to these for a few years on my own models. Having been asked several times "how did you do that amazing "freehand"  on my work (which normally was not freehand at all), I decided there was a market for such items, and so this project was born.
I have been wanting to do this Kickstarter for about a year now, and finally the time is right to do it!

Hot On The Wire.

Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

My friend Scott got very excited by my 28mm Roman project. So excited he's been amassing an army of his own. I have to paint them though...