I'm a massive advocate of beautiful terrain so I feel obligated to pass on another Kickstarter Dakka pointed me to this morning.

Creative Gamescapes are adding additional levels to their modular terrain set. There are several stretch goals to so take a look over on the kickstarter - it has 6 days left to run.

Spaceship X Level 2: Spaceship X Level 2, Creative Gamescapes newest gaming set, adds a vertical element to your games and allows multistoried gaming tables to be created. We have explored a number of different lasercut materials ranging from acrylic, PVC and birch plywood to expand the set.Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic, for example, makes great doors, but is very brittle when made into struts.Acrylic, PVC and ABS also use quite a bit of laser time and are therefore more costly.Wood is much faster to cut, saving money, but is not the same material as the base Spaceship X set. If this Kickstarter is really successful, it will allow us to produce Spaceship X Level 2 in injection molded plastic, which we really want to be able to do.

These would go very well together with the terrain from the guys over at Maki Games.


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