Last week I set out on a mission to find a "how to" guide on building custom Ork Ironjaws. I searched here and there. Had a little look over here, then googled it a bit here. Nothing.

So I posted on Dakka and got some vague advice. Vague but useful advice. The grey matter began to churn.

I took a look at the ones GW make themselves as a guide and set out to make my own.

Before we proceed though, lets take a look at the GW Iron Jaws.

They have good variation with two common denominators - firstly they have teeth, and secondly they arch around the jaws and connect at the back.


In the next few minutes I'm going to show you how to make an Iron Jaw.

 Making Ork Ironjaws

What You Need

  • Craft Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Polystyrene Cement
  • Superglue
  • Plasticard Sheeting (reasonably thin)
  • Diamond Plate Styrene Sheeting (optional)

This is the figure I've been working on for this tutorial.

Step One - Planning

Firstly you need to ascertain how long the main piece of plasticard will be. To do this simple align a piece of paper next to the jaw and mark it where you feel the iron jaw would start around about the ears.

Once you've gauged how long it needs to be take a pen and mark out the rough design. Something along the lines shown below is ideal, give it a little shape.

 Carefully cut it out and glue it in place on the face with a dab of PVA glue at each end. This is just for a final check over to make sure everything lines up ok - remember these are Orks, it doesn't have to be purfick.

Step Two - Cutting Out
When you're happy with the shape trace it onto thin plasticard and cut it out.

I used 0.50mm Plasticard for this which seems just about right, its pliable and also had strength and looks like a set of Iron Jaws would. (I think)

Step Three - Stick It On

Providing you didn't cut your fingers off during step two you should be ready to begin the gluing process.

 A thin trail of polystyrene cement along the line of the jaw was all it took to hold it in place. I then stuck down the wide areas around the ears.

You now have a perfectly functional Iron Jaw.

Step Four - The Fun Bit

Step four varies a lot depending on what you have in your arsenal. For this particular jaw I went with a couple of large stuck on teef at the edges. I then took some thin diamond plate styrene and glued this onto the front. The "bolts" at the jaw were made using small cogs from my bag of spare watch parts.

I'm sure you'll agree it looks reasonably good for a 5 minute quick job.

Step Five

I didn't go any further (the glue is still drying as I write this) but a final once over with a craft knife will pretty things up. Add some battle damage, carve out a few gouges or trim the card down to add angles where the hard edges lie.

Hot On The Wire.

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