In this example we’re doing some bullet holes to add some personal touches. This technique can be used on terrain as well as models. 

Here we’re using a Eldar cockpit canopy to showcase the battle damage.

How To Add Bullet Holes  To Your Miniatures

Step 1

Use a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole for each bullet hole. Don’t drill all the way through. We got 3 here in a line as if someone fired a swift blast with their machine gun. You could also add a blob of blu-tac behind the canopy to help strengthen it. If you wish, you can drill the holes at an equal angle to show the direction the fire originated from.

Step 2

Then gently use a scalpel to nip away at the plastic to create the pointy bits of the hole. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the canopy otherwise it could snap. Use a new blade to make cutting/nipping easier.

Step 3

Attach to model as required. Perhaps add some bullet holes to the rest of the model to help make the effect more coherent. Another trick that can help is to add the bullet holes to places where two separate areas meet. For example on joints or overlapping plates. This can really enhance the effect.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you find it quick and easy to try yourself!

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