It seems the norm in the Games Workshop blogging niche to regurgitate every single publication Forgeworld release appended with a nice little personal blurb pulled from the deepest darkest recesses of the writers dirtbox.

So, just let me get my fingers round my tonsils and....

and here is the........proof

Blurb time people!

I like it, it's got that funky dancing robot vibe. Big hands and a nice dynamic pose that screams "BUST A MOVE WITH ME BABY"

The bad news is for £70 a pop you'll need a lot of money for larger nightclubs - I mean, good luck playing out a 10 figure dance off. Still, I think for smaller dances, or even 1 figure shakes you'll be good.

I still haven't figured out what the guns are for yet though.

 Jazz Hands

The Choo Choo Train
Big Fish Little Fish

Even junior can join in with a Baby Bot!

Hot On The Wire.

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