So, by now you should all have seen that the Ultramarines Chapter bundle has gone live on the GW site.

I think this is the best product GW has come out with in years! Let's look at why:

Feel that? That's GW penetrating your mind!
I assume most of you are familiar with marketing campaigns, probably in the form of television adverts used to create product awareness. One that many readers (British readers, at least.) will be familiar with is the Cadbury's Gorilla advert. Through excellent use of a song that stuck in your head, along with the iconic drum playing gorilla, Cadbury's were able to create an advert that people just kept talking about. Now, obviously the advert itself had nothing to with chocolate, but it got people talking about Cadbury's, and it got people buying.

That is what this bundle is (in my opinion of course.) Nothing more than a fantastic marketing ploy by Games Workshop.

There's not actually anything new in this bundle, and chances are it will come in a series of plain brown boxes, which means all GW have to do is put the models in one box instead of another, easy enough. So the creation of the bundle hasn't cost them anything. Maybe an afternoon of initial planning, a little bit of time calculating the sales price relative to the RRP of all the units included, and a bit of time adding it to the site. So really, it's cost them nothing.

But it's increased product awareness in a huge way. The wargaming internet exploded when word first leaked that GW were going to be offering a one click deal to buy and entire chapter of marines. Many people didn't believe it, many people thought it was ridiculous, but people were talking.

Through all that talking, there are people who will have looked longingly at the deal and thought "if I won the lottery" or "if I could only sell my significant other's vital organs on the black market I'd finally be able to own a full chapter of the Emperor's finest!". And of those people, I'm willing to bet that there will be many who have seen the grandiose spectacle of the full chapter and decided they would like to achieve something similar, albeit on a much smaller scale, by starting a new marine army, or even a full company of space marines. And thus, GW's sales have increased.

You've always been able to build an entire chapter of marines, as I said, there's nothing new in this bundle that only exists within it. Gamers have had the choice to build a chapter for years (and I know of at least one crazy bastard in an old white dwarf, who did it). But by putting a one click deal, by putting a price on it and putting it right there in front of them, GW has made the idea a very real one to us.

Games Workshop are renowned throughout the industry for their incredibly high prices. With all the new, more affordable, options available for the gamer today, you may think that GW would recognize that maybe it is time they did something to change their high prices.

Well, this deal seems to me as though GW are saying "you thought we were expensive before, well how do you like this? We can afford to be disgustingly expensive because there's at least a few fuckwits out there that will pay for this truck of shit. And the rest of you pions, who can't afford the bargain price of £7,000, you will run to your nearest hobby store and suckle at the teat of GW. We will nourish you with the milk of the space marine."

To me at least, it seems like this deal is GW saying that they know how expensive they are, they know everyone hates them (to some degree or another) and they don't give two shits, because they know we're addicted. So they release the most ridiculous bundle we've ever seen and watch as even the people who have tried to get away from them, even the people who don't buy their products anymore (such as myself) are still talking about them, telling their friends about them, spreading the good word of Games Workshop across the stars of the internet.

That is why, GW are evil geniuses. Because they've pulled off (in my opinion) the greatest marketing stunt in the wargaming industry, and I may just respect those evil bastards a little more for it.

What are your thoughts on the new bundle? Is owning a space marine chapter a thing of your (wet) dreams?

Let us know below! 

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