For todays modelling guide we're going to cover limbs and how to repose them.

Step One

As always, the first step is to clean the mold lines, flash and any other burrs that don't belong. This can take a little time but in the long run it makes a huge difference to the appearance of the painted model.


Step Two

 Cut the limb along the line where the joint is, of course this will be the elbow or knee in the case of a human but could be anywhere or maybe even multiple joints in the case of an alien.

Step Three

Trim both of the opposing joints to give them a nice flat surface. This helps with the pinning process further on.

When you pin the limb (see the guide here for more information) it's critical that the limb is positioned the same length as before. Figures with varying length arms look a little inbred!

You can adopt the dry fit method to ensure the final appearance is suitable. When you're happy glue the pins in position.

After the glue has dried into a nice strong bond its time to work on some greenstuff to bridge the gaps around the exposed pin.

Thanks for reading guys and  look forward to my next guide on Gap Filling.

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