Just a quick rumor I found from a poster over on /tg/.  Apparently Robin Cruddace has been working on the Sisters Dex.

Anonymous said.
Spoke to Cruddence @ Games Day re SoB asking if the digital version is his WD dex. He confirmed it is, hes been involved in the writing of the warlord traits was the impression I got. He also told me they've looked at the scaling issue for faith points and that there's been 'minor' point tweaks. Release date is for next month (October). Interestingly he said it'll probably be treat like a supplement in that if it sells well as a digital it's probably get a physical release. Spoke to someone from the digital editions stand and they confirmed it'll be for Android as well as Ipad.

In brief. (remembering this is a rumor from /tg/ )

  • Tweaks to Faith Points
  • Digital download is the WD dex
  • Cruddace wrote the Warlord Traits
  • If it sells well it may get a physical release
  • For Android and iOS
Make what you will of this but it sure beats a kick in the...

As a /tg/ poster so eloquently worded it - lets buy the s*** out of this so we get something to carry around.

Hot On The Wire.

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