Welcome to Talk Wargaming folks, the internets first dedicated wargaming chat room.

Our wargaming chatrooms are a great way to meet like minded wargaming enthusiasts. Whether you're interested in tactics,  modelling and painting or general chitchat and banter you'll find it here.

Perhaps you have a 4 hour painting session planned?  Why not log in and  pass the time in our painting room.  Maybe you're in the middle of a battle at the games club and faced with a difficult rules decision? Why not grab our smartphone app and drop by the rules chatroom for a second opinion?

Real time chat will always be our primary focus,  despite this though we've bolted on a blog front end and plan to serve up a tasty side portion of news,  rumors,  tips and tactics. The kind of articles that'll divide the readership and whip up the chatrooms into some intense debate. Just keep it civil though,  our chat guides are on hand armed with clubs and ready to crush all rebellions!

Until now live chat has been sorely missed in our niche so come along for the ride, get involved in realtime wargaming discussion from the comfort of your own home and most all all - HAVE FUN!

Please add us to your bookmarks, visit often and it'd be nice if you could spread the word about us on your regular forum hangouts.If you're a member of Dakka, Warseer, Heresy-Online, BoLS Lounge, B&C or any of the other well reputed sites throw up a thread with some links and help us grow into a much needed resource!

Thanks for reading, now get out there and get chatting.
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Tutorial: Painting Warlord's Plastic Roman Legionaries

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