Welcome to our new Monday morning series, This Week On Kickstarter. 

Each week we’ll look at what’s been happening in the world of miniature kickstarters.

I'm kicking off this week with Wrath of Kings by CoolMiniOrNot. They’re currently sitting on $237,000 with more than 20 days to go. They've already smashed a load of stretch goals and have just released some +preview rules+ for the game itself.

The most popular pledge level at the moment is the $200 “Ancient King” level, which gets you:
  • 5 faction starters.
  • An exclusive variant cover rulebook
  • An exclusive miniature.
And that’s before you add all the freebies unlocked through stretch goals.  

Next up we have ArcWorld, the fantasy skirmish game by Warploque Miniatures.

They have just entered their final week and broken the £35,000 stretch goal, unlocking the Jungle Gremlins, which are looking pretty nice. 

The most popular pledge for this campaign is the £90, onslaught level which nets you the following: 

·         The Kickstarter Exclusive Miniature cast in white metal
·         The 184-page, full-colour, A5 hardback ArcWorlde rulebook
·         Four warbands, cast in white metal
·         Five ArcWorlde dice
·         10 Arcanite tokens
·         Four Promo Credits
·         A painting guide for each warband you pick
·         Three Griffling miniatures
·         Discounts on certain add-on models

Incursion by Grind House Games has 5 days remaining and has already raised $115,000.

The $275 pledge seems to be the sweet spot for this campaign, and it gets you the following:
  • The Base Game
  • The Snafu Expansion
  • Exclusive Plastic Gretel
  • One of each of the staring Add-Ons
  • Every non-metal Freebie
  • Every Plastic Add-On unlocked throughout the Campaign

And at  $110,000 they unlocked the droptroopers:

Next we have Pure Evil’s Qu-Sh-Ug (try saying that three times fast, or at all).

This is an interesting little campaign. The original goal was a mere £500 to tool a single miniature, with a second added later. The project is currently sitting at over £2,000 with 17 days to go, and other miniatures from Pure evil’s line are available as add ons. 

Finally this week, Studio Miniatures’ +Sikh Wars+ campaign ended this evening with £12,550 raised. This means that there will soon be a line of Sikh and British historical minis adding to Studio Miniatures’ already impressive range.  

So that’s it for this week folks. Are you backing any of the kickstarter’s we’ve covered this week? Let us know in the comments.

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