We're commissioning published Black Library authors to write original short fiction!

As part of the evolution of Talk Wargaming I'm delighted to reveal another reason it's worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on us.

Tomorrow the first of these short stories is going live right here on the pages of TWG (so spread the word on forums,  re-tweet this message,  share it on Facebook) the more people that see and hear about this the better chance it'll have of developing into a regular feature to be enjoyed by readers of short fiction the world over.

If this series is successful (by successful I mean thousands of people read it) I'll even increase the frequency until one day TWG is in a position to offer a short story every single day of the month! Imagine that,  every breakfast or lunch-break at work will be accompanied by the heroic exploits of characters from your most loved authors - FREE!

A Little Help

To achieve this goal though I'll need a little help (at least initially). Each story will be appended with a simple $1 dollar donate button. You're under no obligation to but any and all donations will be directed towards the writer kitty to keep them doing what they do best - writing amazing fiction. Below is an example of how this will be displayed below every story.

If you enjoyed this story and want more 
please consider throwing a single dollar 
into the Talk Wargaming Presents kitty.

I would like to stress that this is a non profit entity, I'm doing this purely to get as many stories as possible on TWG for you - and me - to enjoy.


To get this message out there on the internet I've devised a cunning plan, whoever retweets/shares this message will be entered into a random prize draw. From this pool of people we'll randomly pick one lucky winner and have a short story synopsis of their choice written into a future short!

To enter simply hit the button 
below and send out the message.

So all you have to do is throw this message out there, sit back relax and enjoy the first ever Talk Wargaming Presents Short Story live here tomorrow.
As always, your thoughts are welcome and encouraged in the comments.

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