Someone over in the EU has let loose some pictures of some new sets and the new pricelist!

My apologies ahead of time, these pictures are a bit on the small side on their own, and I've made them as big as they can be while still fitting in the column. As such the quality is not very good.

Special thanks goes to for getting this stuff out there for us to all see! Enough babbling, let's see the goodies!

I know the price list is a little hard to read but one item I think should be noted is the Space Marines One-Click Chapter down near the bottom. Only 9,964.75 Euros and you can have enough Marines and models to last you a lifetime of building (unless you're building an Exorcists chapter...then you need 2 more companies of Scouts...).

Another think I noticed where colored spray paints making their return. No longer do you have to choose between black, white and purchasing your cans of spraypaint at the local big box store for a third of the cost!

All kidding aside, there is a lot of interesting things in that list and I rather hope that some of those things are actual deals like the Fantasy terrain sale that's been going on.

Well that's all we have for now, but don't worry, as more rumors come, I'll keep posting them so stay tuned for more! And coming this weekend is going to be a roll-up of everything we know, as well as confirmations on rumors too (like all those kits and prices we've heard being thrown around for the last month).

Hot On The Wire.

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