Right now Games Workshop has a limited supply one click bundle of Warhammer Fantasy Scenery for sale.  It is a pretty good deal also:

The Sorcerer's Realm scenery deal contains 1 Dreadstone Blight, 1 Magewrath Throne & Balewind Vortex; and 1 Dreadfire Portal & Eternity Stair.

$33.00 US Dollars Dreadstone Blight 
$41.25 US Dollars Magewrath Throne & Balewind Vortex
$41.25 US Dollars  Dreadfire Portal & Eternity Stair

That is  115.50 total if you buy them seperate, the sale is for $83 US Dollars.  So a savings of 32.50, pretty much you are getting the Dreadstone Blight for the free.

Link to the deal:

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