I've been really impressed with the response to Talk Wargaming since it burst onto the scene at the start of August. So much so that I've decided a professionally designed logo is in order.  

With this in mind I had a look around the Internet and after much deliberation I selected GB Logo Design (the first site I found) and sent them a brief message. 

Surprisingly or worryingly - not sure which yet - they got back to me around 10am the very next morning.  Business it seems is a bit slow at their end, either that or they're super organized. I'll plump for the latter. This firm gets mixed reviews - either 1 star or 5 stars. Review sites should do away with the entire 5 star system and replace it with the SHIT and AWESOME system.

The list of bullet points we decided on (we being myself and the girl in their office) were.

  • Cartoony
  • Bright
  • Modern
  • Fun
  • Image or Text based
  • Possible Fantasy Style
  • Favicon Compatible 

I ordered the top package over there so assuming they're true to their advertisement they'll send along 12 concepts by Friday for a measly £100 - I call bullshit on their "reduction", its reminiscent of the half price sofa sale every furniture store on the planet has been running for 25 years.

They say;

" Perfect if you are not sure about what you want. Our designers will work from the notes or images and digitally design a print and web ready logo for you in all the right formats. We will edit the designs as many times as necessary until you are 100% happy."

I do vaguely remember her saying 6 concepts and not 12. I'm working nights at the moment (actually this is my 24th consecutive shift) and was asleep when the phone rang, well I was asleep for most of the conversation. The concepts are due back tomorrow so I'll post them on the blog and see what you all think , if they look like cat fur balls I'll pretend to cancel the order. 

In other news I'm in touch with a skinner to make some minor changes to our layout here, nothing drastic just a few more column widgets in the footer. He goes by the username Leatherface and said he'd pop over later this evening to show me his work.

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