If you love to write and enjoy sharing fictional stories you may be pleased to hear that we're adding a fan fiction section to Talk Wargaming. This is a brand new weekly (or bi-monthly) column where we showcase stories sent in by our readers.

I've outlined a few common questions to help you with the submission process.


What are you looking for? 

If you've written a long winded boring story about a werewolf, a vampire and a tart the chances are you don't have what we want. This hobby is about the imagination,  about pew pew noises and role playing battles in our minds as they unfold upon the table before our eyes. We want exciting stories. Stories of heroic exploits and epic conflicts, the kind of stories that grab the attention and leave a lasting impression, feelings of exasperation.. .  or even despair.

How many words? 

We prefer stories between 1000 and 5000 words.  1000 is the absolute minimum although slightly longer submissions are ok as long as theisnt hey aren't bogged down with pointless exposition.

Do you accept multiple submissions? 

Yes of course.  If you've written two or more stories  please send them over. We read through every story we're sent and often give feedback if we're able to.

What should I write about? 

The setting is up to you, provided it corresponds to miniature wargaming or one of the game systems we cover. New setting science fiction is wonderful but it needs to appeal to our audience so we'd rather fan fiction.

How do I submit my story? 

The only way we can accept stories is via email.  Please send all completed submissions to talkwargaming@live.com with the subject title TWG Short Fiction and a short bio about yourself in the following format.


I would like to submit my story, “Against the Flow” for your consideration. My name is Fabius Bile, and I am a 220 year old evil scientist. I've had fiction published here and here previously.

Yours sincerely

This just gives us a little precious to add to your post before we hit the "publish" button.


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