Thanks to Maddermax for pointing this one out on the forums. Privateer Press have released a new app, available on iOS and Android. I just downloaded the reader on Android its 24 plus a bit megabytes. So reasonably large for an "empty" reader.Check it out via the links below.

With Privateer Press Digital, you have access to an extensive catalog of No Quarter magazine issues, WARMACHINE and HORDES rulebooks, Iron Kingdoms Full-Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game material, and much more! Take your Privateer Press rulebooks with you wherever you go for quick, easy reference. Download the latest No Quarter magazine straight to your device. Privateer Press Digital is the ultimate reference tool for the Privateer Press gamer!

The Privateer Press Digital e-reader app offers:

  • Digital subscriptions to No Quarter magazine!
  • WARMACHINE and HORDES books!
  • Iron Kingdoms RPG content!
  • Rulebooks for Privateer’s board and card games, including LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE], Heap, and Infernal Contraption!
  • Errata updates to ensure your digital rulebooks are up-to-date!

Jump straight to the relevant app page by clicking the icons below.

Hot On The Wire.

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