I have a wonderful guest modelling post for you all today. It's simple, fast and effective.

Hi guys, Entarion with the first of two fast dreadnought conversions.

It might seem difficult to do and I thought the same but if you look closely at the dreadnought leg and envision how it operates and moves, it really isn't.

1. Cut leg as shown in picture. I find it's best to cut off leg from rest of the model first and then cut off lower knee areas.

This should be the result. It doesn't matter if you make a slight error as it is easily repaired with Green Stuff in the next step.

2. The hard work is done now. All you have to do is position the leg how you want. Have a little dry run first to make sure everything fits together. Then glue the two parts and fill any gaps with GS. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect as the lower part of the leg is hidden behind the armor plate. You can also add extra details like mechanics or plating if you wish. This is completely up to you, looks better in the long term but isn't necessary.

3. In last step, take whole leg and glue it to lower body. Add the foot and voilĂ ! Your dreadnought with a more dynamic pose is born and ready to tear up the battlefields!!

Hot On The Wire.

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