It came to my attention yesterday that due to the rather rare nature of the chatscript we utilize, people were missing the option to register. Therefore I've decided to launch a new weekly series of how to guides that go through and highlight some of the functionality of the wonderful chatscript.

The following is a simple guide to assist those of you that wish to register on the chat

Firstly, click on the Register Now or any of the Chat Now buttons or links on the blog pages.

These are are depicted in the image below.

You may also register by clicking on the following on the main page.

The next page will be the login/register page at the start of the chat.

From this page you have two options. Register for an account with the actual site by filling in the register panel to the right, or simply log in with a social media network such as Facebook, Twitter or Google (Yahoo hasn't been activated).

Upon registering you will be greeted with a chatroom list. Click on the box for the room you wish to join.

Congratulations!! You're now a registered member of the Talk Wargaming Chatrooms.

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