Wayland Games put the new 2 player starter box for Hawk Wargames' Dropzone Commander up today.

From the page:

"In the year 2670 the Golden Age of Mankind has come to an abrupt end. Their Interstellar Empire has been invaded by the Terrible Scourge. Now the United Colonies of Mankind must wage a war across the stars to retake their lost home from Alien threats, (The Scourge and Shaltari Tribes) and the Cybernetic Post Human Republic.
Dropzone Commander is a 10mm scale wargame, in which battles can be waged from small skirmishes, to epic battles which see huge waves of Dropships descend upon the battlefield. The starter set contains absolutely everything you need to play Dropzone Commander:"

The contents include:

- 156 page, full-colour, A4 size revised 1.1 edition rulebook

- UCM Starter Force:
  • 3 Condor Medium Dropships,
  • 3 Sabre Main Battle Tanks,
  • 3 Rapier AA Tanks,
  • 2 Bear APC's (+1 spare),
  • 30 Colonial legionnaires with bases

- Scourge Starter Force:
  • 3 Marauder Medium Dropships,
  • 3 Hunter Main Grav-Tanks,
  • 3 Reaper AA Grav-Tanks,
  • 2 Invader APC's (+1 spare),
  • 30 Scourge Warriors with bases

- Starter Urban Battlefield: 10 different pre-cut, pre-folded card buildings

- 2 A1 double-sided posters showing stunning artwork and a road layout to make a 48" x 33" gaming surface

- Small, medium and large blast / LZ templates
- Fire Arc template

- 50 assorted Scenario Object Tokens

- Retractable keyring tape measure (1m/38" length)

- Ten 14mm black D6 dice

- UCM & Scourge reference sheets, turn sequence prompt and starter scenario

This is one of the most impressive starter boxes I've seen. It really does include everything you need to play. I really like the addition of the game mat and buildings. And putting dice and a tape measure in the box makes it really accessible.

The Dropzone Commander Two Player Starter Box will be available on the 28th of September and retails for £60.00

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