With all the information out now I felt it was time to sit down and really dig into the rumors for these rules and share my thoughts on them.

All my notes will be in Bold Green as it stands out nicely.

New Codex Rules

  • New codex focus is on synergies between units At this point I'm a little dubious on this claim since the rumors of things like the new Rhino options and Inspiring Presence for Dreadnoughts seem to be false.
  • Graviton Weapons are being brought into standard 40k I like this! I really do. They're a weapon that existed in Rogue Trader, has a place in Forge World's Horus Heresy variant and have appeared as recently as the Badab War, so it's nice to see it brought into the main game again.
  • Black Templars are in the codex. They retain unique access to the Emperor's Champion and Crusader Squads, their allies chart options and can take any option in the codex apart from Librarians. Their Chapter Tactic replaces Vows. Some people are going to be upset with me for this, but I like this. The Black Templars had been neglected for far too long and it looks like the only thing they lost were Vows and some of the older variant rules in exchange for a LOT of new options and updated army wide rules that actually give them a reason to want to be in challenges.
Chapter Tactics: (These still work even if the Space Marines are allied to another army, and, unless otherwise stated, apply to all models in the detachment)

No Chapter Tactics provide Fearless or Stubborn to the army. That's right, the Space Marines have lost the ability to become Stubborn or Fearless like they could with the alternate Combat Tactics rules. I really dig this as it makes the Dark Angels have a different feel to them, and it means Marines can be pinned and broken easier.
  • Ultramarines: (May no longer elect to fall back from combat) Choose one of the following Doctrines: Tactical, Assault, or Devastator. The Tactical detachment re-roll ones while shooting, unless they're tactical marines and they re-roll all failed to hit rolls in the shooting phase. The Assault detachment re-rolls charges, unless they're assault squads, bikes, or attack bikes who get fleet. The Devastator detachment get to re-rolls on snap shots and overwatch shots, unless they're Devastators and they gain relentless as long as they're not disembarking from a transport in the movement phase I know this rule has had a lot of people up in arms about how the Ultramarines are getting the "best" rule, but let's look at it a little more closely. First we have the restriction that they can only use one of these at a time. Any one of these is around the same level as the others and really only the Tactical one looks a little strong...at first. Something the critics forget about though is that the Ultramarines are the founding chapter for a good portion of all the chapters out there, many of which have a wide variety of preferred combat methods. This lets those chapters use the rules they should be as Successor Chapters. Add in the natural flexibility of the Codex Astartes and we have a rule I feel is actually fluffy and well balanced.
  • Imperial Fists: Bolter Drill, which allows them to re-roll any 1s with all Bolter weapons listed on page 56 of the codex (it does not work with Sternguard special rounds), additionally all Devastators and Centurion Devastators gain the Tank Hunters special rules and add a +1 to all rolls to damage buildings. I dig this one, I really do. Bolter drill is something the Imperial Fists players wanted from last edition, and while it doesn't let everyone reroll all their shots like the Ultramarine's one, it does give Devastators and Centurion Devastators Tank Hunters (that's re-roll Pen attempts in 6th Edition) and adds +1 to their damage rolls versus buildings. So they look like solid tank hunters, fortress killers and their basic weapon is a little more reliable. Nice!
  • White Scars: +1 to jink save, auto pass on dangerous terrain, +1 to Hammer of Wrath attacks, Hit and Run on all units, except for Terminators and Centurions (both types). I think bike armies got a lot better for White Scars, even if the number of bike troops got toned down (more on that later). Add in that even their basic Marines can Hit and Run and you have an army that can get in, get out and basically feel like the Mongolians they're inspired by.
  • Raven Guard: Stealth USR and the ability to use their jump packs in the movement and assault phase.Scout armies just got a whole lot better. Assuming that the Camo-Cloak keeps it's rules from the Dark Angel's codex the Scouts with Camo Cloaks will have +2 to their cover saves, giving them a 2+ in Ruins without needing to Go to Ground. Jump Infantry with a potential 24" Charge Range (12" move and a re-rollable 2D6" Charge) means that they should have no problem picking off key targets, assaulting weakened units and generally running amok across the table. This is another one that feels pretty fluffy in my book.
  • Iron Hands: Army wide 6+ Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die for vehicles and characters . Techmarines and Master of the Forge also get a +1 on their Blessing of the Omnissiah rolls. First up we have the spiritual return of the old Bionic save, a bonus to all tanks, transports, walkers and multi-wound Characters with the ability to gain wounds/hull-points and a bonus to repair rolls, this looks like a sure winner for anyone who likes to take a lot of vehicles and Dreadnoughts in an army. Now I understand that there is some dislike for the 6+ save, but I'd just like to point out that it's basically a 6+ to keep a Marine who would normally be dead. On the entire army. I can dig that, espeically with all the things you get your Feel No Pain saves against this edition.
  • Salamanders: Re-roll any failed armor saves from flame based weapons, also with their flame weapons they get to re-roll any failed wounds or armor penetration that fail to cause a penetration or glancing hit. Additionally any character gets to master craft one weapon for free. This looks like a nice list as well. And while I'll admit that flame based weapons don't get used against Marines as often, the bonuses to rolling to wound or penetrate vehicles with their flame weapons is a nice bonus and fits in very nicely. Adding in a free Master-crafting on any weapon of your choosing on EVERY character and you have an army that should be lighting a-many a foe on fire. Just don't bother using those weapons on the Avatar, he doesn't care about those.
  • Black Templars: Crusaders (gives Adamantium Will and Crusader USRs) and Accept All Challenges, no Matter the Cost (Characters gain Rending and Re-roll To-hit Rolls in challenges). I've seen some claims that the Black Templars only get one of these rules or the other, and frankly they don't make sense seeing as we have a large number of rumors that give multiple rules to chapters I'm putting my money that they get both of these, not one or the other. That aside, both of these rules are great. Templars can move up the board faster, Deny the Witch more often, and get bonuses for challenges. Now all that remains to be seen is if they HAVE to issue/accept challenges or not.
  • Second Founding or Later Chapters: Use the rule of your Parent chapter. A perfectly reasonable rule in my book that makes a lot of sense.
  • Unknown Founding or Homebrew: Pick one. I will admit that there is a lot of potential for abuse here, but frankly I don't see a good way they could have approached this otherwise as you have a number of chapters with no records on where their geneseed came from (often because they're mixed Geneseed, possibly Traitor Geneseed or because they're 13th Founding and the records got filed in a bin) and the number of homebrews out there meant that the player had to be trusted to pick the Chapter Tactics that best fit their chapters. and for the most part I am willing to believe that most players will do that over trying to pick the one that gives them the best mechanical advantage. The rest....well I just won't bother playing them personally.
Chapter Tactics can only be mixed by allying in a separate chapter (this implies a new rule allowing the codex to ally to itself). This is a rule that I find interesting and one that generally makes a lot of sense. Marines often work with each other, and this is a good way to keep people from mixing chapters in an abusive fashion while creating a restriction by forcing them to use their allies slots.

  • Graviton Pistol: 12", S*, AP2, Concussive I love the way these sound, but I really need to know how much they cost to know if they're really worth taking. Last thing the Marines need is another overpriced Pistol option.
  • Graviton Gun:  18", S*, AP2, Salvo 2/3, Concussive This is a hard on to really fight for. On the move it's a 9", 2 shot weapon. It's great against Terminators and low save models, but unless this is pretty reasonably priced it might end up not being used that often. Concussive is nice too, as if you mange to wound something charging you, it'll go last.
  • Graviton Cannon: 24", S*, AP2, Salvo 3/5, Concussive Of the 3 Grav weapons this one is my favorite because it's on a platform that can move and fire it to full effect all the time. I imagine it won't be a cheap upgrade for them though.
  • Grav-Amp: Re-Roll Wounds and Armor Penetration rolls with Grav-weapons This is the other reason the Graviton Cannon is so nice, because the model that carries it (the Devastator Centurion) also has this, which makes all those shots more lethal when they hit.
  • *Graviton weapons always wound on the same number as the target's armor save (example: against a Marine it's a 3+, against a Gaunt it's a 6+), against vehicles on a 1-5 it does nothing, on a 6+ it automatically Immobilizes the vehicle and removes 1 hull point. Rules are not yet clear how this applies to models without armor saves. I really dig this rule as it's a great way to bring a weapon into the game that can fight back against those low save models without punishing models with worse saves. It's pretty well balanced. I just want to know how it works on models with no armor save (like Repentia, or most Daemons).
  • Graviton Pistols are available to almost any model that can take a pistol
  • Graviton Guns are a Special Weapon
  • Graviton Cannons are only available to Devastator Centurions
  • Flak Missiles available for +10 points No surprises here, it was an inevitability.
  • Auxiliary Grenade Launcher: 24" Rapid Fire This is the same rule it already has, and the same range, so I have a feeling that this is still the same as it was before.
  • Chapter Relics include 2 swords, 1 Bolter, 1 set of armor, 1 Storm Shield, 1 banner. I'd love to know more about these but the only bit of rumor I've seen is one of them generates a 6++ Invulnerable save, but that's not a lot to go off of.
Warlord Traits: 1 chart shared between all chapters. Another one of those things I'm waiting to see more on before I can weigh in on it.


Special Characters are no longer required to run a specific chapter. Some Special Characters provide bonuses to units from their specific chapter though. I am very excited about this. No longer does Lysander need to lead every Imperial Fists army, nor does Vulcan need to be on the table for you to field Salamanders properly. This is one rule I love!

Characters from chapters can only be chosen by those specific chapters. For example: an army with the Chapter Tactics (Imperial Fists) can not take Forge Father Vulcan He'stan as part of the main detachment. Characters can still be shared through the use of allying one chapter to another, however. Another rule I dig as it really enforces the feeling that each chapter is different and seems to be designed for encouraging people to actually commit to their specific chapter. Naturally this will probably kill a lot of "Counts As" use of Special Characters, but the ally option allows them to still be fielded.

No Characters give Fearless or Stubborn to the army. Of course this doesn't mean no character has these rules, but I'm still glad to see that the more general Marine book is moving away from these things being army wide.

Captain Cato Sicarius:
  • 15 point reduction in cost.
  • +1 to Reserve Rolls
  • No longer Seizes the Initiative on a 5+
I've never seen Sicarius on the board, or in someone's list, but maybe the change to which SCs you can choose and the points reduction will let him get a little more action now and then.

Chaplain Cassius: 

  •  5 point increase in cost.
  • Gained Zealot USR (?)
Cassius is another model who I haven't seen much of, but if he got the Zealot USR like his fellow Chaplains he may see more field time.

Chief Librarian Tigurius:
  • 65 point decrease
  • Mastery Level 3
  • Knows all disciplines
  • He can re-roll his dice when determining his psychic powers
  • He can re-roll reserves(even successful ones)
  • Helm of Hellfire is a psychic hood
  • He can re-roll failed psychic test
  • Statline is unchange
The Imperium's most powerful Psyker (currently) alive he finally shows it. Coming in at less than 200 points really helps him a lot too. He still strolls around in Power Armor though with no Invunerable Save so I see a him using Divination powers a lot to make up for it. I don't expect to see him nearly as much as you'd initially expect as he's only apparently available to Chapter Tactics (Ultramarines).

Forge Father Vulcan He'stan:
  • No change in points
  • Gives Meltas in the Salamander army Twin-Link.
No surprises here. He doesn't twin-link all the Thunderhammers in the army anymore, but Salamanders already have more Master Crafting than they know what to do with it looks like.

Kor'ssaro Khan:
  • 35 points cheaper
  • Moondrakkan 20 points cheaper
  • Bikes and Dedicated Transports in a White Scars detachment have the Scout USR
  • His bike does D3 Hammer of Wrath hits.
Khan is looking quite good this edition. I expect that White Scars players are excited to see him looking this good (especially when you consider the rules he picked up for Chapter Tactics to boot).

  • Increased cost by +30 points
  • Still retains Eternal Warrior
  • No longer has Bolter Drill instead allows all units in 12" with Chapter Tactics (IF) re-roll on morale and pinning test
  • Same  statline
That's right, Lysander is still a hard to kill brick, and now he's far less schizophrenic in his rules and looks like he'll finally be quite good in an Assault Terminator squad.

Marneus Calgar:
  • Rolls for 3 Warlord traits (re-rolls duplicates) and keeps all three
  • Terminator Armor now allows him to Sweeping Advance
  • 25 points more expensive than his current incarnation
  • may take his Terminator Armor for 10 points
  • It still has a Teleport Homer.
Calgar looks pretty beastly. Being able to Sweeping Advance inside of his Terminator Armor looks pretty good, as is his ability to get 3 Warlord Traits at the same time. I only wonder if he kept his ability to choose to pass or fail morale checks at will.

Pedro Kanto:
  • 10 point increase. 
  • Makes Sternguard Scoring,
  • Uses Chapter Tactics (Imperial Fists)
  • Retains 12" +1A Bubble 
  • Has 4 Attacks, 4 Wounds
Pedro is looking good this edition. With the change to the Chapter Master's statline the point increase honestly makes a lot of sense too.

Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike: Can only infiltrate with jump infantry.

While I'm looking forward to see if Shrike gets any other rules (outside of the Raven Guard ones that is), I fully appreciate that GW fixed it so he doesn't Infiltrate Terminators onto the board anymore. He looks like his rules make a lot more sense now.

Chapter Master:
  • Has 4 Wounds and 4 Attacks, 
  • Still has Orbital Bombardment
I fully expect a small points bump for that extra wound and attack but I got to say the Chapter Master is feeling more epic now.

  • Replace Black Templar Marshalls (and to an extent Castellans) for Black Templars
  • 10 point decrease base 
  • 1 Bike squad of at least 5 models (of which one may be an attack bike) may be taken as a troops choice per Captain on a bike in your army.
  • No other real changes.
The Captain's point cost reduction is great as it helps seperate the Chapter Master and the Captain a little more. Now as for the bike change, I get what GW is trying to do. With the change to the White Scars options and the changes to try and make the Marine books feel more varied I understand why the army can't just run 6 Bike squads as troops anymore. Sadly though that means that this is the first real casualty of the codex in terms of options though.
Chaplains: Has 2 Wounds, 2 Attacks and the Zealot USR.

I'm hoping that the addition of Zealot lets these guys see more time on the table. 

  • No longer have codex powers, but retain same disciplines in rulebook. 
  • Only unit not available to Black Templars 
  • Mastery Level 1 cost 25 points less
  • Mastery Level 2 is a 25 point upgrade
  • Can only get Invunerable Saves through the Relics (one is stated to give a 6++) or Terminator Armor 

Honestly I have no complaints here as it looks good over all. No more codex powers, but the rulebook ones are pretty solid. Of course I'm sure some people are disappointed to see Null Zone go away though.

Master of the Forge:
  • Still the "shooty" HQ option.
  • Only access to an Invulnerable save is through Chapter Relics. 
Yes Iron Hands players, this is still the closest you get to a unique character. Honestly though with the unique structure of the Iron Hands chapter it's hard to see one being inserted in that doesn't lock you into a specific clan-company. Maybe GW will give you the option to make a Venerable Dreadnought your Warlord in a supplement someday? Regardless of that small detail, he's still a decent character and I dig him. 

  • Once per game gives Hatred and Fleet in the Assault phase. It only works on units with Chapter Tactics (Black Templars), 
  • Can take an Honor Guard (he's a Chapter Master)
  • Does not get Orbital Bombardment. 
  • W4, A4 like the generic Chapter Master
Honestly the only thing I don't like is that he doesn't get Orbital Bombardment. Otherwise he sounds pretty sweet.
  • Has the Zealot and the "It Will Not Die" USRs. 
  • Units within 6" of the servitors get a 6++ invulnerable save. 
  • He has 3 Wounds and 3 Attacks.
Oh my. He's lost his ability to flat out cheat death, but gained the ability to regain wounds, still keep his Servitors (who give an Invunerable Save to units in range) and his higher than average wounds and attacks for a Chaplain, I see him getting a lot of table time supporting those Crusade Squads.

Emperor's Champion:
  • Combat Tactics (Black Templar) exclusive
  •  Sword is AP2 (at Initiative), Master Crafted
  • Has 2 "stances", one gives +2 Strength (counts-as 2 handed), the other gives Rending
  • Always has a 2+/4++
  • Does not take up a FOC slot.
  • May be the army's Warlord
With the information we've got so far, the good ol' Emperor's Champion is looking like a vicious beatstick who can handle challenges very well. I don't see anything about his rumored rules that I don't like!

Command Squad:
  • May still take bikes.
  • No option for Jump Packs
  • No option for Terminator Armor
I'm almost willing to bet that these guys probably got a small points drop. Otherwise I don't know what else to say since it doesn't look like anything else has changed.

Honor Guard:
  • Honor Guard cost 10 points less per model
  • Retain Power Weapons, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armor, Frag and Krak Grenades
  • No change to Champion, just points decrease
  • No listed option for Invulnerable save
  • Can not take Jump Packs
These guys are looking pretty good. Still no jump pack option, but frankly they look good. Their points cost decrease is well balanced by the fact that you cap at 5 models in a squad, so it works for me.


Legion of the Damned:
  • All weapons ignore cover
  • 5 points less a model
These guys are looking pretty good. With their points decrease and ignores Cover, they look like a great unit to drop in and nuke some entrenched units. If anything I think the changes might help them see the table more often.

Sternguard Veterans:
  • Special Ammunition is unchanged.
  • Sternguard went down 3 points a model.
These guys were good before, now they look even better. Very nice.
Vanguard Veterans:
  • Heroic Intervention no longer allows the unit to charge from Deep Strike.
  • New Heroic Intervention:  No penalty for disordered charges and Sgt auto passes initiative check for Glorious Intervention.
  • 1 point cheaper per model
  • Jump Packs cost 3 points per model
  • Now Elites
Honestly the loss of assaulting from Deep Strike hurts them a little, but the points decrease balances that out nicely. And with their change in FOC I see these guys getting some time on the table at least in Raven Guard armies.

Assault Centurions:
  • Models come with Siege Drills, twin-linked flamers and Ironclad assault launchers. 
  • Siege Drills are S9, AP2, Armourbane, Specialist Weapon and strike at Initiative.
  • Flamers can be traded for Meltas 
  • Assault Launcher can be traded Hurricane Bolters. 
  • They also have the following Special Rules: Slow and Purposeful, Decimator Protocols (Can fire up to two weapons in each shooting phase), Very Bulky, Chapter Tactics, and ATSKNF. 
  • They can purchase an Omniscope which gives the Night Fight and Split Fire special rules. 
  • They can purchase a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.
  •  They do not have an Invunerable save.
  •  The Assault Centurion statline is as follows: WS4 / BS4 / S5 / T5 / W2 / I4 / A1 / Ld8 / Sv2+
  •  The Assualt Centurion Sergent statline is: WS4 / BS4 / S5 / T5 / W2 / I4 / A2 / Ld9 / Sv2+
  •  Centurions gain +1 Attack for having 2 Specialist Weapons in close combat.
Honestly these guys are kind of interesting. Without the ability to overwatch or sweeping advance and what is likely a high points cost it's likely safe to say that these will not be completely replacing Terminators anytime soon, but do make for an interesting alternative.
 All Dreadnoughts:
  • "Basically the same"
Frankly, I'm a little disappointed on this one. I was really hoping for some new options or something for these guys to give them a stronger presence on the board, or at least tie them in with the army better.
Assault Terminators:
  • Thunderhammer/Stormshield Terminators now cost +5 points each to upgrade
  • Points cost unchanged.  
It's the same thing they did in the Dark Angels Codex. I'm fine with that.
  •  Heavy Flamer went up in points, while Assault Cannon and Cyclone Missile Launcher got the same points decrease.
  • No new wargear options.
  • Points cost for Terminators unchanged.
This looks pretty good. Maybe the cheaper options means we'll see shootier Terminators a little more often.


Tactical Squads:
  • Tactical Marines cost 2 points less each.
  • Tactical Squads are similiar to the DA version, and the Marines now cost 2 points less each.
  • Tactical Squads may not take 2 Specialist Weapons
  •  Sergeants work the same as the DA codex
It's probably safe to say that these guys are likely a carbon copy of the Dark Angels version with Grim Resolve replaced with the Chapter Tactics rule. I'm perfectly fine with that though as that's a good, fair price for Tactical Marines and they go back to paying for all their options as a trade off.
  • 2 points less each
  • Can take Land Speeder Storm as a Dedicated Transport.
  • Telion remains the same points cost, but is updated to use the 6th Edition Sniper rules. 
  • Telion is restricted to armies with the "Chapter Tactics: Ultramarine" special rule. 
These guys look so much better honestly. Telion being restricted to the Ultramarines is fine with me, it fits in well with the rest of the character rules well.
Crusader Squads:
  • Can take up to 2 Power Weapons/Fists in the Squad if a Sword Brother (Veteran Sergeant) is taken
  • Initiates cost the same as Tactical Marines and come with the same equipment (Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag and Krack Grenades)
  • Initiates may trade their Bolters for CCW for free.
  • May take up to 10 Initiates and 10 Neophytes in a squad
  • May take a Land Raider Crusader as a dedicated transport
  • No special rules beyond ATSKNF and Chapter Tactics (Black Templars)
  • ONLY available to armies with Chapter Tactics (Black Templars)
Despite the loss of their rules to get them chasing things who shot at them, these guys look a lot better, can't be forced to walk off objectives or charge when it's ill-conceived to do so and generally look pretty good right now.

Dedicated Transport
Land Speeder Storm:
  • Now a Dedicated Transport for Scouts
  • Cerebus Launcher is now range 18", S 2, large blast, Blind
This is another one of my favorite changes. This is great for any army that wants to run Scouts. It's also a nice way to add some extra firepower to the army if you do too.

  • Black Templars may take Land Raider Crusaders as Dedicated Transports. No real surprise here. I'm just glad they got to keep this option, it's a cool one.
  • Drop Pods hold 10 models That's right, Drop Pods are going back to their old rules again. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet though.

Fast Attack

Assault Marines:
  • 1 point cheaper per model
  • No access to melta
  • Can not be troops choices
These guys look pretty good. Sure they aren't the same as the Blood Angels ones, but frankly I like it that way. More diversity between books the better.
  • 1 Bike squad of at least 5 models (of which one may be an attack bike) may be taken as a troops choice per Captain on a bike in your army.
  • Max size is 8 models 
Again, the change to how these guys become troops sucks. Not much else to say for now.
Scout Bikes:
  • 2 points cheaper per bike
  • Still lay mines as per current codex 
Another change I like for the Scouts! 
 Attack Bikes:
  • +5 points per model 
I haven't seen anything that says that this also applies to regular bike squads just yet honestly. I can't think of the last time I saw an Attack Bike Squad though.
Stormtalon Gunship:
  • Now an official part of the codex, Death from the Skies not required. 
  • Same as the Death from the Skies version. 
I don't think anyone is surprised by this.
Land Speeder Squadrons:
  • May be taken in units of 1-3
  • No real chances 
Good, they didn't tinker with what wasn't broken.
 Land Speeder Typhoon:
  • 15 points cheaper 
I can dig it. The Typhoon was always a little pricy for an easy to kill skimmer.

Heavy Support

Devastator Centurions:
  • Come equipped with twin-linked Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolters. 
  • Hurricane Bolters can be upgraded to Missiles 
  • Heavy Bolters can be upgraded upgraded to Twin-Lascannon or Grav-cannon and grav-amp. 
  • They also have the following Special Rules: Slow and Purposeful, Decimator Protocols (Can fire up to two weapons in each shooting phase), Very Bulky, Chapter Tactics, and ATSKNF. 
  • They can purchase a Land Raider as a dedicated transport. 
  • They can be purchased in squads up to 6.
  • The Devastator Centurion statline is as follows: WS4 / BS4 / S5 / T5 / W2 / I4 / A1 / Ld8 / Sv2+
  •  The Devastator Centurion Sergent statline is: WS4 / BS4 / S5 / T5 / W2 / I4 / A2 / Ld9 / Sv2+
  •  Grav-Cannon is rumored to be AP2 (I am unsure at this time if this carries over to all Grav Weapons or not). 
  • Grav-Amps allow you to reroll to wound rolls. 
  • Each models with no upgrades cost the same as the current price of the base C:SM Predator
I think the real make or break for these guys is going to be the cost of their upgrades. They look nicely balanced though.
  •  Each gun is: 48" Range, S7, AP4, Heavy 4
  • Can Split fire at reduces BS
  • AV 12/12/10
  • Does not have Interceptor
  • 10 points more than the current price of Predator with no upgrades
I've seen some complaints that it's useless because it doesn't have Interceptor but I disagree. I'm curious to find out if it can fire normally at targets that aren't flyers though (like the Soulgrinder).
  •  60", S7, AP2, Armourbane, Heavy 1
  • AV 12/12/10
  • Does not have Interceptor
  • 15 points more than the current price of Predator with no upgrades
I think if employed properly this should do a nice job of countering flyers. It's certainly got the range and fire power to kill a Heldrake, that's for sure.
  • Reduced points cost, close to the DA version
  • Signum still gives BS5 to one model in the squad
No real surprises here. Another unit that looks like it's following the Dark Angel's pricing.

 Thunderfire Cannon:
  • No change, same points cost.
I was a little surprised that there were no changes at all, but it's one of those units that's in its butterzone. Improve it too much and people feel they have to take it for optimization, go too far the other way and it goes back to where it was in 5th, with almost no one taking them.
Stormraven Gunship:
  • Official part of the codex, Death from the Skies no longer required to use. 
  • Same points cost. 
Another one that didn't surprise me. Personally I don't how I feel about them, but that's probably a good thing as they're not so good that I NEED them and they aren't so bad that I can't ever see myself using them.
  • "Basically the same"
I'm glad they didn't mess with the Vindicator. It's a good tank that's priced fairly.
Predator Tank:
  • Dakka Pred (Heavy Bolters/Autocannons) +5 points
  • Las Pred (Lascannon sponsons/turret) -25 Points 
This is a fair points adjustment I think.
  • 20 point cost reduction, no other changes 
Alas poor Whirlwind, you've gone down in points and I've still seen people say they'll never use you. Personally, I think the points reduction was a nice way to make it a lot more viable. Doesn't hurt that it has a cover denial firing mode either.
 Brother-Sergeant Chronus:
  • Remains the same with a points cost decrease.
He might be fun to stick into one of the AA tanks or perhaps in a Predator if you're going vehicle hunting with it, otherwise I don't see him getting too much use, even in armies with the Ultramarines Chapter Tactics.

Overall I feel this book is shaping up to be well balanced with enough changes being made in favor of what exists occurring to make it more viable and more on par with this addition. I don't see anything that comes off as a "must have" nor do I see anything that automatically invalidates all the other books. It looks like this might be one of the best Vanilla Space Marine codexes we've ever gotten if these rumors hold true.

Anything you think I missed the mark on? Want to tell me how wrong I am, or how broken this codex really is? Or if you just want to share your own thoughts on this book? Well, I'd like to hear it! Feel free to leave me comments below, or find me in the chat and tell me there!

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