Today I have the concluding part of Entarions series - How to Convert Mk4 Forgeworld Dreadnought Feet.

Let me show you this easy conversion. Picture below should be our goal.

The target appearance.

1. So first take dreadnought foot and cut as shown in the picture below. The front digit should be thickest so just even up both sides. Cut off the other three and thin them at the sides a bit more than the main digit. The rest of the foot should be thinned too, just follow the line around inner circle.

2. This should be the result of step 1. Now you need to position the rest of the digits. Try to follow original picture.

3. Now you need to fill all gaps and give the its foot final shape. You can also add some minor details such as the plastic card panels. This isn't necessary as you cannot see these parts of the model clearly but spending a little time here will definitely add to the overall effect.

4. That pretty much concludes this simple conversion. If you want to do more feet like this I personally recommend Instant Mold as it is easier and faster. See the copy I made below.

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